Come home to Hermès: 5 picks from Salone del Mobile 2016

Come home to Hermès: 5 picks from Salone del Mobile 2016

House of Hermès

Text: Adibah Isa

As Salone del Mobile 2016 wraps up, we recollect five of our favourite finds from the furniture fair — they belong to none other than Hermès

Leather forever, and ever ever: If there's one thing that makes an Hermès piece instantly recognisable, it's their expertise on bringing the best piece of leather forward: Whether it's for a saddle, a sofa or a statement bag. They've served as furniture makers since 1924, when they created leather coverings of sofas and chairs for renowned French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank.

For their latest showing in Milan, architect Charlotte Macaux Perelman and exhibition curator Alexis Fabry — co-deputy artistic directors of Hermès home — called upon Mexican architect Mauricio Rocha to introduce their take on the Hermès home universe. Some 17,000 bricks surrounded the collection, balancing the warmth of Hermès' signature brown, maple and orange palette with a concrete, industrial feel, complete with ropes and pulley systems. Out of the duo's new collection, here are five pieces we'd love to come home to.

1. Sellier sofa
Hermès likens this sofa to a horse carriage with hidden pockets and compartments — the luxury brand's heritage is, after all, rooted in an equestrian lifestyle. Saddlebags on the side of the reversible armrest hold magazines, while a storage compartment comes with a slot for wiring. In two and five-seater versions, the sofa's made with fauve calfskin and toile flammée and mounted on a walnut Canaletto frame. This piece also marks the first time Hermès has introduced cane work in their craftsmanship.

Hermes sofa sellier

2. Magnifying glass and spinning tops
Designed by Studio Hermès in collaboration with Guillaume Delvigne, Grégoire de Lafforest and Damian O'Sullivan, the Équilibre d'Hermès collection features desk accessories and decorative objects, such as the magnifying glass and spinning tops. The magnifying glass can inspect objects up to 2.5 times clearer as it balances on a brass cone covered in fawn H bull calf leather. The spinning tops are your humble toys all grown up, now dressed in gold and black hunter cowhide.

Hermes magnifying glass

3. Watch cabinet
Looking for something to place all your Hermès Apple watch straps in? Treat your horological beauties with respect in this gorgeous watch cabinet, which comes in just the right amount of compartments.

Hermes watch cabinet 2016

Watch Cabinet

4. Lounge chair
Named the 'Mattress', this baby is something you'd love to sink into. Part of the Pippa collection conceived by architects Rena Dumas and Peter Coles back in 1987, this entrant epitomises the collection's nomadic spirit with 15 removable cushions and a head rest in fawn H bull calf leather.

Hermes Milan 2016

Hermes salone del mobile 2016

5. Laser-cut wallpaper and fabric
Here's hoping that the child-like whimsy that followed the fairytales we used to read never leaves us — and with Nigel Peake's works, they certainly won't. Banking in on the artist and illustrator's rich, architectural vision in his drawings, Hermès' laser-cut pointillé expresses a play of light on stone with this kaolin version of Promenade au Faubourg. 

Hermes wallpaper 

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