Patchwork: The new way to do rugs

Patchwork: The new way to do rugs

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Nanimarquina

Why treat your feet to one rug when you can have two — or four? Nanimarquina's Mélange by Sybilla range introduces patchwork rugs as a stylish alternative

As the menswear collections for Spring 2016 have shown, patchwork's a big hit next year. While we often see runway trends trickling down to interior design months after their showcase, Salvatore Ferragamo recently incorporated not just one, but multiple rugs on their runway.

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Enter Spanish designer Sybilla, who foresaw patchwork's prowess earlier on in her latest collection for rug purveyors Nanimarquina. Introduced at the Milan Furniture Fair in April this year, the Mélange range executes the fashion designer's love for colour, form and texture in geometrics. Reinterpreting the traditional kilim, Sybilla has taken the handcrafted Lahore original from its humble beginnings to a stylish addition to any contemporary home. 

Here are three tips on how to stay ahead of the rug race.

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1. Keep the colour palette down to three or four colours.
One more, and your floors will look haphazardly incohesive. Nanimarquina shows that busy is good — in fact, go crazy with these rugs as long as the same three or four colours run through them. The great thing about rugs in the same colour palette is that no matter how you patch them up, it'll always work.


2. Keep furniture simple.
A mirror here, a chair there — it doesn't take much to make an impact. While the drama lies in the details of your patchwork rugs, allow other pieces of furniture to speak for themselves rather simply. White walls always make a great canvas for greater things to come, or you can always choose to leave it blank. The floor is where it's at, anyway.

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3. Stay within similar shapes and lines.
Leave the shape-shifters at the door. With patchwork rugs, you would want to stay in the same zone when it comes to motifs and shapes — notice how boxy and linear lines are favoured to mimic the rugs' square and checkered motifs.


Nanimarquina is available exclusive at Space Furniture Asia.