Recreate the Bridgerton-styled decor in your home bathroom with these tips

Recreate the Bridgerton-styled decor in your home bathroom with these tips

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There have been many things from Bridgerton that have resonated with us – from The Duke's allure to pristine beauty looks, we seem to have also caught the Regency bug with an umistakable aesthetic glorified in Netflix's most popular show of all time. And while we can't travel to London right now to take in the gorgeous Victorian architecture for ourselves, channelling Regency glamour is actually easier than you think. George Holland, a bathroom design expert from Victorian Plumbing shares a few tips and tricks one can transform their home bathroom – HDB or not – into something from the 18th century. Lady Whistledown would most definitely approve.

Accessorise your bathroom with antique French fauteuil furniture

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If you've paid attention to the type of furniture decorating the rooms in the show, this should come as a no-brainer to you. To truly capture the essence of Bridgerton-esque Regency splendour, an antique fauteuil chair is a quintessential feature to include into your bathroom. With their traditional styled carved wooden frames, and plush velvet cushioning, antique fauteuil chairs will add the hint of exquisite old-school glamour that your bathroom desperately needs. And if you're thinking, what use is a chair in a bathroom – well, it allows you to sit down while doing your makeup for the day.

Expert tip: Pair your fauteuil chair with silk golden floor-sweeping curtains in a heavy fabric for the regal feels. After all, you’re designing a bathroom fit for a queen. But do ensure you keep the bathroom well ventilated to prevent the curtains or the chair from getting damp.


Spruce up bare walls with floral wall art

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Less is not always more, and if you want to get that true Regencycore aesthetic, you'll have to steer clear of minimalism. For your bathroom to have a classic exquisite feel, vintage wall art is absolutely essential. Simply adding floral artworks or paintings to your bathroom walls will brighten up your space with the vibrancy it needs, and add that touch of glamour to your bathroom, without you taking the hassle to change up your entire wallpaper. If you’re not sure what kind of florals for that hint of vintage, nature-inspired art always works well in the bathroom, or you can also mix in some prints of early 19th Century landscapes.

Expert tip: It's all in the details – go all the way by framing your art with venetian gold and brass picture frames for a grand finish.


Bathe like a Bridgerton with Bronze Bathtubs


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To capture the essence of traditional royalty, opt for bronze accented bathtubs instead of the modern sleek white ones that dominate showflats. Remember, Bridgerton is set in the 18th century, so bronze is the colour to go for your bathroom to exude sheer old money elegance. And not to fret if you’ve already bought your taps or your tub, you can still incorporate some bronze accents into your bathroom to pack on the fancy. Brass trinket dishes to hold your jewels or even upcycling a shabby chic bathroom cabinet with some bronze spray paint just might do the trick.

Expert tip: Go big or go home – if you’ve decided to splurge on a statement bath for your regency restyle, a freestanding roll top bathtub would be the best choice, as these grandiose tubs will act as the main source of attention when visitors waltz into your bathroom.

Pretty pastel hues for a dreamlike trance

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If you’re wondering why there’s such a dreamy vibe to the show, it's actually because the settings depicted in the period drama are centered around hazy pastel tones. From the rosy pink satin gowns to the lilac wisteria hung on the front of the Bridgertons’ residence, pastels can be found in every shot. So for your bathroom to radiate the same romantic magical energy as the series, simply incorporate pastel hues into your bathroom. A few coats of pastel-hued paint (think pale blue or lilac) will help the room feel lighter and bigger.

Expert tip: Pastel accents don’t have to be conveyed just through the walls – you can even take it a step further with pastel basins. Sage green and duck-egg blues will look stylish paired with neutral whites and other soft tones.


Finish off with a grand antique mirror fit for royalty

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A queen’s bathroom just isn’t complete without a mirror – how do you ensure you look prim and proper without one? As a final touch, add a statement antique mirror with gold or bronze framing (similar venetian-style frames that you used for your photo frames). This will create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is, and it's the perfect accessory for bathroom selfies that can trick your followers into thinking you’re visiting a royal palace.

Expert Tip: It's not a one size fits all approach – for smaller bathrooms, hang the mirror on a wall above a sink or cabinet, while for bathrooms that have more space to work with, opt for a floor-length French gold mirror for the maximum impact.


Check out the full interview with the cast from Bridgerton here.

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