10 avant-garde furniture pieces from Salone del Mobile 2018 to jazz up your home

10 avant-garde furniture pieces from Salone del Mobile 2018 to jazz up your home

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Text: Rachel Chan

Image: Proof Living,

10 pieces from Salone del Mobile 2018 you didn't know you needed — available soon on at Proof Living and Dream in Singapore

1. Palladio (Porro)
Why spend on many tables when you can just get one that splits into six whenever you want instead? Designed by Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi, these unique marble coffee tables are inspired by the love of geometry, and with its base made out of brass pipe featuring a striated texture. It also comes in three different models, which are the circular, rectangular and trapezoidal.Palladio from Porro

2. Tonbo (Living Divani)
This particular piece can be the solution to your cluttered room woes. Made to resemble a sculpture as well, the coat hanger, designed by Junpei & Iori Tamaki, is constructed from a cylindrical base of black Marquina or white Carrara marble with a satin finish; or concrete. Available in two heights, a leather band also binds a steel rod hanger insert with a lacquered steel ring for a simplistic look we all love.Tonbo by Living Divani

3. Toku (Paola Lenti)
Perfect for a quiet hideout on a lazy Sunday, Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen created this minimalistic outdoor piece to shade users in any kind of weather, thanks to its cedar heartwood structure treated with a transparent impregnating product. Featuring four padded panels (two of which have adjustable backrests), they are covered with the new signature outdoor fabric, Wara. Bringing it up a notch literally, Toku's top covering, made of Thuia fabric, can be adjusted vertically by sliding from the four sides.Toku from Paola Lenti

4. Zhuang (Poltrona Frau)
Storing your trinkets never looked so chic. Deriving from the Chinese word "zhuang", which means to keep something special, these circular and oval stackable containers with four boxes are made from Canaletto Walnut that's carved from a single piece. By Neri&Hu, each of them is held together by a dark gold matte aluminium base, topped with a leather lid and a Saddle Extra leather strap.Zhuang from Poltrona Frau

5. Talisman (Apparatus)
Weaving in his Middle Eastern heritage in this collection, creative director Gabriel Hendifar came up with a series of sconces and hanging lights decorated with semi-precious stones. Add a hint of vintage to your walls and ceilings with its Agate, Jasper and Jade Quartz beads, which are inspired by intricate details found on Persepolis' statues. The beads, fixed through fluted pins, are attached to a leather-bound brass structure.Talisman 8 Pendant from Apparatus

6. Ishino Table (Walter Knoll)
Come home to a zen living room with this liquid metal-looking table designed by Daï Sugasawa, modeled after polished pebbles. "I have the feeling that too many people are becoming more and more disconnected from their first habitats — earth and nature as well. Today most homes are full of synthetic furniture which is quite functional but without any sense, inspiration or value," said Sugasawa in a press release. Crafted from fine metal, the tables are each unique and feature a copper, bronze and brass shade.Ishino Table from Walter Knoll

7. DeKauri (Riva 1920)
When washing up in the bathroom becomes too mainstream, trust the DeKauri, a functional freestanding enclosed bathroom vanity, to do the job in any room of your house. Created in collaboration with renowned architect and designer Daniel Germani, its washbasin is crafted from Dekton by Cosentino, along with the faucet from Frantini Rubinetti and lights from Juniper Design. "When it comes to the kitchen there are ingenious, innovative design solutions to hide and store everything. But that's not always the case in the bathroom. I realised bathroom storage has at its core remained the same," said Germani. The cherry on top? It's made 50,000-year-old Kauri wood.DeKauri from Riva 1920

8. Giravolta (Paola Lenti)
Another outdoor piece from Paola Lenti is this screen divider by Francesco Rota. Highly reminiscent of the tic-tac-toe blocks in playgrounds during our childhood days, the rotating panels are made from the brand's newest recyclable plastic material, Diade, together with Twiggy, a high-tech yarn produced exclusively by the brand. Depending on the amount of privacy you desire, the Giravolta can be personalised into different sizes as well.Giravolta from Paola Lenti

9. Newson Aluminium Chair (Knoll)
With houses getting smaller and smaller these days, the practicality of this chair by Marc Newson is perfect if you're looking to save up on space. Inspired by the Tugendhat Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German-American architect who was a pioneer of modernist architecture, this stackable soft mesh chair is made from cast aluminium and features three high-pressure castings — a main frame and two end caps. Its simple structure and complex engineering is concealed thanks to the streamlined design and mechanical precision, so don't worry about it giving way. Choose from a variety of colours for the frame (black, warm white and grey) and mesh (black, grey, blue, red, yellow and white), and an arm or armless version.Newson Aluminium Chair from Knoll

10. Clayton (Poltrona Frau)
Designer Jean-Marie Massaud gave a nod to the world of high fashion through this luxurious sofa with the backrest and armrests in Pelle Frau leather and seat cushions handmade with Massaud's signature x-shaped stitching. The sofa is held up by steel finished with Ruthenium, including the exposed metal hinges that hold the backrest and armrest panels made from light polyurethane foam padding. Cushions in fabric or velvet are also filled with goose feather for extreme comfort.Clayton from Poltrona Frau

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