You're invited to The Parkview Museum's wine tasting session with ATLAS

You're invited to The Parkview Museum's wine tasting session with ATLAS


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Courtesy of The Parkview Museum

The Parkview Museum's teaming up with ATLAS to celebrate its latest exhibition, 'Challenging Beauty' with Salvo's work, 'At The Bar'

You've pretty much hit the bourgeoisie-o-meter when you're considering spending a weekend tasting wine in a museum. But why not? The finer things in the Italian dolce vita aren't confined to just food, fashion, design and art. Wine is an essential accompaniment to any good meal and more so, any good exhibit — notably one that features Salvo's 'At The Bar'.

As part of The Parkview Museum's latest exhibition, 'Challenging Beauty', Salvo's 'At The Bar' will kickstart the wine-tasting session, rightly so. Painted in 1992, Salvo worked on the canvas in Umbria, a lesser-known region above Rome that borders Tuscany. With rolling hills that characterise a lush landscape, Umbria's where discerning gourmands tread for white wine and a great array of grape varieties.

The region's appreciation for wine probably fuelled aspects of 'At The Bar'. Born in Sicily, Salvo (real name: Salvatore Mangione) was known to paint with the "pleasure of colour" — his words, not ours. At the time of this painting, Salvo had moved on from the Arte Povera movement to experiment with landscapes and architectural structures.

Representing an updated version of the literary café that houses an intellectual coming together of peers, 'At The Bar' is a self-portrait that perhaps reflected Salvo's own friendships with like-minded artists and critics such as Alighiero Boetti, Merz, Gilberto Zorio, Giuseppe Penone, Renato Barilli, Germano Celant and Achille Bonito Oliva. More insight into different Italian artistic practices can be seen in 'Challenging Beauty'. Curated by Lóránd Hegyi (who previously curated Parkview Museum's last exhibit, 'The Artist's Voice'), the exhibition will journey from the '60s till today, touching on movements such as Arte Povera, Transavantgarde, New Roman School and more recent work.

In the good hands of ATLAS sommeliers Mason Ng and Lucas Liu, guests can expect a taste test of Italian wines such as the Tuscan Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG. It's the first time Parkview Museum's doing such an event — so sign up if you like that sweet spot where art and wine meet. 

The Parkview Museum presents At The Bar will take place on 20 and 21 April at these times: 3 to 4pm, 4 to 5pm and 5 to 6pm. Register here.
'Challenging Beauty' runs till 19 August.

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