Objects of Common Interest: For marble and concrete lovers

It's the little things

Objects of Common Interest: For marble and concrete lovers
Can't get enough of marble homeware and accessories? You'll love the accessories from Objects of Common Interest, a line set up by designers from LOT Architecture and Design

We've raved about local homeware brand Comme Home's marble boards and trays before, but recently, there's another name that's been on our radar. If you can't get enough of how stylish a piece of marble looks on your kitchen counter (I mean, who can?), check out Objects of Common Interest.

Launched in 2015, the accessories line is the brainchild of Grecian duo Leo Trampoukis and Eleni Petaloti, who are also founders of an architecture practice, LOT Architecture and Design. They've recently made their name on projects such as the Pazuzu Beach Club in Corfu, Greece, as well as the Table of contents, a bar concept conceived for the Biennale Interiur 2016.

But on a more personal level, you can now take home their design ethos with their stylish array of pieces in pure materials such as wood, concrete and marble. It's not as simple as cutting a slab of marble and turning it into a serving board for cheeses and such — the design duo have taken it a step further by incorporating ridges where the little things such as nuts, herbs or grains can snugly fit in.

Objects of Common Interest marble

Objects of Common Interest marble
Also striking are their concrete mirrors, where a mirror-polished copper is fitted and held in place by its weight. This copper theme runs through their other projects as well, which are both functional as they are ornamental. Great news: Objects of Common Interest ship to Singapore, so just make your choice online. 

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For more information on Objects of Common Interest, click here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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