Where to get these Turkish treasures for your home

Where to get these Turkish treasures for your home

Simply beautiful

Text: Adibah Isa

Although the Turkish aesthetic is often associated with intricate details and patterns, Nude Living deviates from the expected and comes up with something refreshingly simple

It's no secret that we're suckers for Turkish design. As the cultural gateway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has been the centre for a meeting of minds, where traders meet to exhange aesthetics and know-how. The result? A palette of infinite blues and bejewelled bliss. 

Which is why Nude Living made us sit up and take notice. Priding itself on simplicity, the Istanbul-based design house does away with the fussiness of colour while still retaining a stylishness the country's famed for. Nude creates and manufactures glassware for the contemporary home, including lighting, kitchenware, candle accessories, vases and terrariums. This minimalist antidote employs accents of concrete, metallics and muted colours of nude pinks, greys and forest greens. The relatively young brand (they launched in 2014) cut their teeth learning from renowned mentors Ron Arad and Nigel Coates — apparent in their attention to sensual curves and the smooth marriage between form and function.

Dress up your greens with Nude Living, and take a piece of Turkey back home. 

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