Meet the augmented reality artists behind your favourite viral Snapchat filters including Beauty3000

Meet the augmented reality artists behind your favourite viral Snapchat filters including Beauty3000

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Allan Berger 

Berger might be a new name in the small circuit of augmented reality artists working at the moment, but his popularity skyrocketed in January this year with the release of his Dragonmuse4000 filter. Leveraging his background in motion graphics and software engineering, he has gone on to create more unique AR effects including Truly Blooms, Diamond Eyes, and Kawaii. Most notably, his work was featured in singer Grimes' AR demo ''Pretty Dark".


Ines Alpha

Parisian artist Ines Alpha aka Ines Marzat was working as an advertisement art director when she stumbled upon the infinite possibilities of 3D design and CGI software. Her work has been described as futuristic 3D face make-up that a "robot might wear to the MET Gala in the year 3052". Most recently, she created a one-of-a-kind floral tentril-laced AR face filter for popular computer-generated fashion influencer Lil Miquela for her birthday.


Jade Roche

Jade Roche was one of the lucky few artists who were able to dabble in Facebook's Spark AR Studio closed beta. She ended up creating that multi-coloured flourescent face filter that boomed after it appeared on supermodel Bella Hadid's sculpted visage. She has followed that success with a series of new filters: "Rainbow Fiesta" that looks like you've applied vaseline and glitter on your face and "Les Yeux" (translated from French as four eyes) that Kendall Jenner recently used on her IG.


Johanna Jaskowska

Certainly the most popular artist on this short round-up, Berlin-based Johanna Jaskowska is the mastermind behind everybody's favourite Beauty3000 filter, which has garnered more than 200 million impressions online to date. Blending the glossy yet plastic veneer of Vaseline with the sci-fi realness of cyborgs, Jaskowska has created her own unique brand of AR beauty that seems to resonate with the selfie-obsessed millennial generation. Besides Beauty3000, she has released Blast, Zoufriya, and Turfu. Head over to her IG feed to check them out.