Here's a reflection of our skyline like you've never seen before

Martell's art move

Here's a reflection of our skyline like you've never seen before
With Martell's new mobile art gallery, you can appreciate Singapore's waterfront in a whole new way right in the palm of your hand

It seems Singapore's Golden Jubilee celebrations might only see their end once the clock strikes midnight on 1 January, 2016 — not that we're complaining, really. Another brand that's psyched to blow out the birthday candles is Martell, and theirs is quite a milestone — they've reached their 300th year in Singapore. To celebrate, they're taking their relationship with art to a whole other level by allowing guests to experience it in the comfort of their own smartphone. The Martell AiR Gallery (MAG) isn't just a visual gallery — presented against the backdrop of our skyline, this augmented reality exhibition changes as you walk along the suggested route that's mapped out on the app.

Martell Art Gallery

Out of the 15 local artists roped in for this project, filmmaker Kirsten Tan's work strikes a chord with her visual commentary on Singapore's growth. As you scan your phone across the skyline, you won't see the familiar skyline reflected on the water surface. Instead, what's past haunts from below — a stark reminder of what we've given up in the name of urban development. 

It's a mobile throwback that makes you stop and smell what could have been.  

MAG is available for download on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Text: Adibah Isa

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