Five luxe bathtubs to treat yourself like Lady Gaga

Five luxe bathtubs to treat yourself like Lady Gaga


Text: Adibah Isa

Introducing MAISON VALENTINA, the one-stop shop for luxury bathroom fittings Lady Gaga would appreciate

There are luxury hotel bathrooms worth a night's splurge, and then there are those the likes of Lady Gaga would be proud to soak herself in. Think: Gold fish scales, gold-plated spheres (alike the bubble dress she used to sport in 2009) and seductive, angular lines. If you're thinking of bringing sexy back to your bathrooms, go big by making the bathtub your space's raison d'être. Getting clean has never looked so luxurious.

The Diamond 

This definitely isn't your diamond in the rough. Glossy black varnish coats the sculptured body, with hints of gold present in the panel and pipes. And the choice of champagne, of course.

Lady Gaga's choice song to soak into:
Pokerface, one of her first singles done stripped back to suit the simple yet effectively seductive angles of this baby. We specificially like the piano version she recorded at The Cherrytree Sessions. This bathtub's got her like nobody.

Maison Valentina Diamond bathtub

The Newton

What a character. Black and gold-plated lacquer brass spheres decorate its exterior, while its curvy opening invites you in for a truly unique bathing experience. If you're about to slip, you can always hold on to one of the balls at the sides.

Lady Gaga's choice song to soak into:
 Paparazzi. Still on The Fame territory, this was Gaga when she was just about to get really, really famous. This was the era of bubble dresses, with the Italian-American New Yorker still finding her footing in the entertainment world.

Maison Valentina Newton bathtub

The Koi

The carp symbolises love, friendship and bountiful blessings...all you need in a bath for two. Seriously. A base of brushed brass holds up this aged brushed iron structure.

Lady Gaga's choice song to soak into:
 Alejandro. The bathtub of scales suggest Gaga swimming in the depths of lust, caution, and just plain good fun. With a certain Alejandro, of course.

Maison Valentina Koi

The Lapiaz

Mimicking a frozen stone cracked to show a rich exterior, the polished brass and mirrored bathtub is a tribute to its namesake, which is given to karst formations produced in limestone or dolomite rocks. 

Lady Gaga's choice song to soak into:
 I Can't Give You Anything But Love. You know, the one she sang with Tony Bennett. She sings about Tiffany's, diamond watches and the fact that she can't give you anything but love. It's a polished Gaga — save for a crack here or two. 

Maison Valentina Lapiaz bathtub

The Symphony

Inspired by music, Maison Valentina have brought together thin gold bars that line up around a white round tub that's just the right size for a solo pampering session. 

Lady Gaga's choice song to soak into:
 The Sound of Music. Sure, it's not a Gaga song, but she knocked it out of the park when she performed it at the Oscars 2015, even impressing Julie Andrews. This is Gaga all grown up, opting for a refined, all-gold finish but still keeping things interesting in a circular tub.

Maison Valentina Symphony

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