#AskBuro: 3 lust-worthy yachts at the Singapore Yacht Show 2016

#AskBuro: 3 lust-worthy yachts at the Singapore Yacht Show 2016

A designer's dream

Text: Adibah Isa

A home at sea fitted with furnishings from Fendi, Hermès, Armani Casa and Louis Vuitton? Yes please — culture editor Adibah Isa tells you which berths you should stop by at the Singapore Yacht Show 2016

Each year, the Singapore Yacht Show 2016 descends upon us bringing with them a wealth of sleek design, jet set clientele and over-the-top parties. After going through a round of previews at One Degree 15 Marina, we pick three designs for every boat-tripper.

1. For impressing clients: Princess 75

A sleek, sexy, curvy motor yacht that's fitted with furnishings from Fendi and Louis Vuitton.

2. For family outings: Beneteau Gran Turismo 46

Ideal for a family or group of four, this is a small but secure sailing boat you can steer yourself, without any crew.

3. For a massive bash: Lagoon 630 MY

Groups of 15 to 20 can enjoy this catamaran, ideal for outdoor barbecues, water sports and all-around fun.


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