5 ways to use a Louis Vuitton trunk in your home

5 ways to use a Louis Vuitton trunk in your home

Hedonistic haven

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Louis Vuitton

These Louis Vuitton trunks aren't just made for travelling — the handcrafted pieces sit just as snugly in your home as they would in any other vessel. Need inspiration? Let us show you how

1. Use the Louis Vuitton trunk as a flower vase
Glass vases are so 2000-and-late. Seriously. Since the bouquet you've had arranged was already artisanal, take flower arrangement a step further by using one of their miniature trunks as a centrepiece for your dining table. While the brand's iconic shade of monogram pretty much matches with everything, you'd want to go for soft peaches and pink nudes for your choice of flora. Bunches of baby's breaths would also make a good finishing touch.

Louis Vuitton

2. Keep your timepieces safe at home and away
One for the collectors, the beauty of this watch trunk lies once again in its customisation — you can choose the number of compartments to hold your precious commodities, as well as opt for a colour scheme. There's also a removable tray to keep other valuables. Roomy enough to fit eight watches and handy enough to pack into a larger suitcase, it's a safe accompaniment for your annual watch fair trips. At home, it's an impressive character on your display shelf among other well-deserved trophies. 


3. Bring your A-game to poolside picnics with a cake-holder trunk
The next time you head down to a poolside soirée with the squad, bring this baby along. Not only can you custom-make a trunk that'll fit the cake of your choice (we're thinking a 7" cake to suit most intimate occassions), there are also pockets that can be made to securely store cutlery. Why limit yourself to cakes? You can make enough room for pastries, desserts and moreish bites — talk about redefining the bread basket. 

Boite a gateau

4. Choose a coffee table that's a conversational piece
There's no need for any added trimmings to this one. With its brazenly iconic character, the Louis Vuitton Steamer trunk is both decorative and functional — something as beautifully-made as this really deserves to be seen more of. Which is why it's the ideal focal point of a home, where connections are made over a glass of red. If you're a stickler for cleanliness, you can place a protective glass panel over the trunk.

Louis Vuitton trunk as coffee table

5. Make your entertainment system the stuff of house party dreams
Our vulnerable, audiophile hearts leapt out when we saw the Louis Vuitton boombox strutting its stuff down the women's Cruise 2017 runway. One of the latest developments to the brand's savoir-faire, this mini-trunk can house an entertainment system that you can bring from the comfort of your bedroom to the beach or boardroom, if you fancy that. Coupled with a phone dock and space for Bang & Olufsen speakers, Louis Vuitton continues to think out of the (boom) box. See what we did there?


L'Appartement Louis Vuitton is presented for the first time in Singapore at Orchard Residences from now till 11 November. Invited guests only. For more interior ideas, click here.