Kim Markel's pastel-hued furniture line is made of recycled Glossier packaging

Kim Markel's pastel-hued furniture line is made of recycled Glossier packaging

One girl's trash is another girl's chair

Text: Aravin Sandran

Who: Based in New York's Hudson Valley, Kim Markel's studio is built on the desire to create sculptural objects by upcycling discarded materials. Before launching her studio in 2016, Markel worked for Polich Tallix, the fine art foundry that fabricates artworks for high-profile names such as Jeff Koons and Anish Kapoor. 

What: Showcased at the Sight Unseen OFFSITE design fair in 2018, the furniture line consists of a golden wardrobe, translucent "glow" chairs, side table and nostalgic handheld mirrors. Inspired by Jelly shoes of the nineties, hard-candy lollipops and the splay of Bambi's sinuous legs — Markel describes the dreamy pastel-tinged aesthetic of the collection as "unapologetically gauzy, where everything sort of has a permanent filter of childhood magic over it."


How: Markel's partnership with millennial beauty brand Glossier started when she slid into its DMs on IG, seemingly like all creative collaborations among young designers these days. The cosmetics label requested its employees to collect its blush-pink and transparent plastic packaging for months before handing them over to Markel to upcycle into her crystalline furniture pieces. The waste plastics were then broken down in Markel's studio and bonded with other plastics before being sanded by hand until the delectable candy-like effect is achieved. Over 50 Glossier jars are needed to make a single "glow" chair.

Check out more of Kim Markel's work on waste plastics on her site.

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