Yes, your living room needs this Inception-like table

Yes, your living room needs this Inception-like table

Dream a little bigger, darling

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Stelios Mousarris

Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris has crafted a coffee table hiding a city bent beneath it — but it's reportedly not inspired by the famous Christopher Nolan flick

When was the moment in Inception when you knew you were in for something exceptional? For most fans, it was when Leonardo DiCaprio's character introduces Ellen Page to the physics involved in dream-stealing via a bending city.

"What happens when you start messing with the physics of it all?" Page's character muses in the scene. In the real world, Stelios Mousarris' Wave City Coffee Table might just be the answer. From one end, it looks like any other sleek, minimally-designed curved structure —but turn it the other way and look beneath, and you'll uncover something else entirely.


Stelios Mousarris

Created using wood, steel and 3D printing technology, the designer crafted an intricate city with buildings of diverse heights and widths. While it looks as though it's straight out of the film's iconic scene, it reportedly didn't inspire Mousarris. In an interview, he mentioned that while it was what the public saw, the idea for the table started out with waves.

"I wanted to merge two completely different things together," he explains. "The ocean — something very organic and beautiful — with buildings, something very man-made."

Stelio wave table

At 5,000 euros (approximately $7,809), you can enjoy this intricate beauty at the comfort of your own home. In the meantime, relive the scene at the 0:42 mark in the trailer below. 

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