How to use vases to transform your home

How to use vases to transform your home

Spring flings

Text: Adibah Isa

Style tips from Crate&Barrel's spring summer 2017 collection

1. Gather neutrals together in different textures
Think 50 Shades of Grey that won't make you roll your eyes, or barf (sorry we're not fans, E. L. James). With ceramics etched with designs that drift into Ottoman Empire territory, these neutrals are best paired with natural materials such as driftwood. You don't even need any botanicals to make a stylish statement.


2. Leave some vases empty
Like the tip above, it's okay to leave them empty, notably if the vase is already a statement in itself. Mix colours up to add interest. The pairing of white and blue will never disappoint — you see it in exotic locals such as Jodphur and Chefchaouen which mix the brutal greys of concrete with such bright shades.


3. Don't have them lined next to each other in the same length
Looking for a little nook you can call your own safe space? It's great to have a corner for some me-time away from the bathroom, and all it takes is a simple lesson in arrangement to make this happen. Frame your spot with vases of varying heights — from something almost flat on the bottom left corner to that gleaming eggshell-coloured vase next to the bench. Throw in some creatures of comfort within the same botanical colour wheel and you're good to go.


4. When in doubt, go for white
The colour black might be the sartorial staple, but white hues are the blank canvas of an interior designer's dream. Mix them up by using bell jars to turn a simple floral arrangement to a kooky yet eclectic array. 


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