20 ways to induct your wedding into the hipster hall of fame

20 ways to induct your wedding into the hipster hall of fame

How original

Text: Adibah Isa

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So hip, it hurts. We look at 20 tried-and-very-tested wedding ideas that make us want to barf, and suggest alternative options

Disclaimer: We have nothing against hipsters. Nor do we hate all things 'Instagrammable'. We just think that, like all trends, when you put one too many eggs in a basket, that basket's going to break. And those eggs? They're going to hatch into chicks that scream out "I'm original" in their swan song. Since you're only planning on having your wedding once, make it all about you. Your likes. Your tastes. Don't buy some handmade crap on Etsy just because some listicle on Huffpost told you to. Life doesn't always sing according to the tunes of the (500) days of Summer soundtrack, so don't strictly go by the book. Also, because not all listicles are evil, have a read at ours to see if you've been guilty of dreaming up these wedding trends... and abort mission. Love might be dead (rest in peace, Tatums and Jolie-Pitts), but wedding pictures are forever.

1. Lights in transparent containers


Hey, you know what else makes great lighting? Candles, which you can also place in transparent containers and cases.


2. Serving your drinks in anything but a glass


If you want to jazz up plain-looking glasses, top up your drink with berries and herbs for a burst of colour.

3. Flowers in glass bottles instead of regular vases


We know how much you love your Hendrick's Gin, or perhaps that soda bottle had a special meaning to you and your betrothed. We suggest a more interesting alternative. Keep the bottles, but place a floral lolly instead.

4. A hashtag so revolting, people think twice before using it
Are you #theWanforme and will you stay #JohnandJadeforever?

5. Taking pre-wedding photos in a forest or woodlands


Yes, lets head to Coney Island and Macritchie Reservoir to pretend we're all about that lush life. Perhaps the streets in this urban jungle we live in might actually tell a more honest story.

6. Rustic flower centrepieces

You know the drill. Replace those dried flowers, lavenders and peonies with some ferns, palm leaves, lemon leaf garlands and eucalyptus for a forest flush.

7. Baby breaths everything


Think your baby breaths-in-a-lightbulb idea is pretty? Fair enough, but you know what else is? Little bunches of purple limoniums, blue delphiniums and wild flowers like Queen Anne's lace in a complementary brass or copper cup.

8. Alternative seating arrangements


Unless you hate your guests, do not make them sit through your long speeches and declarations of love and commitment in anything without a backrest.

9. Flower crowns 

Mid-2000s Vanessa Hudgens called, and she wants your florist's number. Opt for a stunning headpiece that doesn't scream "BOHO CHIC!" while still saluting your Summer of Love dedication.

10. Wedding dance to an indie song only the two of you know


Your aunties and uncles are going to appreciate some good old Michael Jackson and Shania Twain. Save that Devendra Banhart number when everyone's left and it's just you and your carnival lights.

11. Bunting flags


We're convinced that whoever's still doing this is only doing so ironically. Try a macrame wall hanging instead that's just as crafty, if not more.

12. A getaway Volkswagen or Vespa


Relax, you're not actually getting away. Want to reduce your carbon footprint since you're striving to live more sustainably this year? Hop on a bike like what Solange Knowles did.Solange Knowles
13. Blogshop bridesmaid dresses


You know your trusted girlfriends to be individualistic women with their own sense of style, so why subject them to the norm of boring, bland bridesmaid dresses? Do women still worry about their friends upstaging them on their wedding day? Why is this still a thing? 
14. Photobooth props that say "I'm next"


Cue the eye rolls. How about investing or crafting a gorgeous backdrop instead?

15. Dangling fairy lights and light bulbs


Did you steal those hanging bulbs from a hipster cafe in Jalan Besar? Embrace the bountiful blessings of large, white lanterns that float above diners — you can get these in Ikea to cut costs, too.@evaphotographylondon
16. Packaging wedding favours in a brown paper bag and twine


Running out of ideas? When in doubt, alcohol is your friend. 
17. Serving anything deconstructed or on anything that's not a plate


Last we checked, plates are still practical, pretty, and easy to personalise, too.

18. Signboards with a couple's name on it


Signboards and chalkboards just scream Urban Outfitters. How about some a small dash of neon instead?

19. Bridal sneakers


Yes, we're all for getting comfortable, but you're not really being true to your authentic self unless you go barefoot.


20. Naked cakes


What's better than a naked cake? A cheese cake. Literally, cheeses upon cheeses, all day, everyday. You're welcome.

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