10 hipster Christmas tree ideas for small spaces


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Is your home too small to fit a Christmas tree? Deck the walls with a DIY alternative that'll reflect the season's best

Haven't hipsters ruined everything already? From their ironic beards and deconstructed coffee to organic cereal and invite-only film screenings, these disruptors have a knack for rubbing society the wrong way while bringing forth an alternative way to enjoy life. Or, ahem, "pursue pretty". But what happens when these creatives get something right? Take Christmas, for example. Sure, they've pissed us off by introducing Christmas beards (where baubles are sewn or weaved onto beards), but they've also inspired us with their nifty, space-saving solutions to the traditional Christmas tree.

Enter the wall tree. If you can't be fussed to lug around a heavy tree, opt for a pared back version instead. This doesn't mean you have to be a minimalist — baubles and angels can still reside among fairy lights and sparkles. For a rustic approach, strip a tree down to its bare essentials, such as its branches and leaves. You can even nail shelves in the shape of a tree, or bring together pieces of origami. Nothing says DIY like a project involving cross-stitch and washi tape as well. The best thing about wall trees? They make a great photobooth backdrop to snap digital memories to come.

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