Introducing Heart Wood, another colour to rival Pantone's Ultra Violet

Heart of the home

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: AkzoNobel

According to Dulux, the colour Heart Wood is the sign of our times. Scroll the gallery for interior inspiration

Millennial pink has grown up. The go-to shade for any trend-conscious establishment, it coloured cafes, exhibition spaces, sneakers and the homes of every Kinfolk-subscribing yuppie — the ones who aren't into the squeaky-clean Scandi ideal, of course. However, that dusty pink hue has now given way to a mature, pink-grey alternative that's risen in the ranks. A happy marriage between mauve and taupe, 2018 is when we welcome Heart Wood.

A colour that paint purveyors Dulux of AkzoNobel has named colour of the year for 2018, it knocks Pantone's mystical Ultra Violet out of the park due to its penchant for subtlety alone. Soft and earthy, Heart Wood neither grabs attention nor does it look to the stars like what Pantone has suggested of its baby. Instead, it looks at what the world needs now (besides love, sweet love): A sanctuary. After bringing together design experts from around the globe with Dulux's colour experts, they projected a greater need for a calming shade that embodies comfort and ease in today's trying times.

Inspired by the warmth and ease of natural wood and the tactility and comfort of leather, Heart Wood is a colour to come home to and enjoy the silence — with some good old Depeche Mode on repeat. 

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