Half Empty Half Full: An exhibition for the Singaporean woman

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Half Empty Half Full: An exhibition for the Singaporean woman
A collaboration between Journey East Singapore and artist Michael Cu Fua explores the cultural and social constructs surrounding Singaporean women

Just how many times have you been referred to as a 'modern Asian woman'? What is, in fact, a 'modern Asian'?

Filipino-born, Singapore-based artist Michael Cu Fua is examining the role of the Singaporean woman, capturing the issues faced in light of current cultural and social constructs. His canvas works address expectations set from a woman's family and social networks, bearing in mind domestic principles that have been put in place from varied cultural upbringings.

Cu Fua's 17th solo exhibition, this series doesn't stray far from his previous works, which often depict women as the central character. Last year, his 'Selfie' series showcased oil and paint portraits of women in provocative scenes; a manifestation of his desire to capture their inner thoughts as women post self-gratifying photos of themselves on social media platforms.


Now, he seeks to question whether the glass of a Singaporean woman is half empty or full. Sure, it doesn't take a man to make a woman's voice heard — but it sure is interesting to see what Cu Fua has in store.

I am woman, hear me roar. Or speak, or say nothing — all within the clutches of society.

'Half Empty Half Full' opens tomorrow, 31 July at Journey East Singapore, 315 Outram Road #03-02  

Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Michael Cu Fua
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