Inside Frieze London's new feminist art section

Female focus

Text: Adibah Isa

Sex Work: Feminist Art and Radical Politics is a new section at Frieze London that celebrates radical women artists

Regent's Park is a flurry of activity this time of the year, with Frieze London taking up space in many an art aficionado's calendar. This 15th installment is no different — but what sets this edition apart is its focus on feminist art. Spoilt by a choice of over 160 galleries from 31 participating countries, the international jetset's attention has zeroed in on this important movement in history, decades after its humble introduction in the '60s. Curated by scholar Alison Gingeras, Sex Work: Feminist Art and Radical Politics is Frieze London's new section that celebrates these radical artists.

While once subject to moral and political censorships as well as political correctness, works by artists such as Natalia LL, Betty Tompkins and Birgit Jürgenssen are given a new platform for appreciation. More than that, this showcase is as timely as ever in 2017, where women are still subject to societal norms that inform on how to think, behave and dress. Tompkins' detailed images of sexual intercourse shed an unabashedly bold light on female desire, while LL's intimate portraits champion female sexuality. Besides the focus on artists, this new section by Frieze London also highlights how important galleries have been in exhibiting women artists who weren't as welcomed as they would have been now.

Frieze London runs till 8 October at Regent's Park, London.


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