Matching bouquets to spring/summer 2018 floral trends

Matching bouquets to spring/summer 2018 floral trends

Bloom where you are planted

Text: Kimberly Kiong

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Especially when you pair them with 5 bouquets from local florists, Floral Magic

1. Diaphanous layers in Erdem

Off-White Spring/Summer 2018 Floral Magic

Light, flouncy layers of frills were folded with large prints of florals all over this season. With a one shoulder touch to match, this dress treads carefully between being a walking loofah and a graceful stunner. This pairing of frills and florals can be found in Floral Magic's own bouquet, with big heads of chrysanthemums and dainty white florals striking a delicate balance, making this a bouquet perfect for special sweethearts.

2. Kitschy patchworks in Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2018 Floral Magic

This floral number by Peter Pilotto was given a kitschy touch with its patchwork of multi-coloured pieces. The muted palette of periwinkle blue, butter yellow and peachy pinks evokes a sweet sense of youth. Think: Lolita in a garden soiree. If you could play florist to this dress, Floral Magic's pastel daydream would be it.

3. Graphic florals in Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn Spring/Summer 2018 Floral Magic

Bold, graphic prints were big on Richard Quinn's Spring/Summer 2018 runway. The trick lies in contrasting colours of white and orange, making the look pop without being too garish. This bouquet does just that with its pronounced petals and simple trio of colours of white, yellow and orange.

4. Eclectic bunches in Rochas

Rochas Spring/Summer 2018 Floral Magic

One running colour pulls varying sizes and types of flowers together. Rochas' silky, knee-length dress was saved from looking OTT with the clever addition of a red base and oversized white dandelions. Likewise, this bunch of flowers is unified by variations of red. The bulbous white English Roses pack a punch and break apart busy details and colours.

5. The real deal in Moschino

Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Floral Magic

Floral Magic's bouquet looked like it was plucked straight from the Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 look that had Susie Bubble, Aimee Song and other Instagram powerhouses swept up in an Instastory frenzy. Some found it puerile, others were tickled but all in all, this get-up was done in good fun.

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