Going behind-the-scenes with Floral Magic


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Floral Magic

The florists of Floral Magic share their creative process in creating a lush environment at events

Floral Magic's our go-to florist for some time now, and it's no question why. They've been in the biz since 2000, bringing their expertise and artistry to event spaces, wedding venues and countless expressions of gratitude. Their bouquets have mirrored spring and summer trends, mimicked the shades of autumn and most impressively, they're not all about flowers, too. At a recent event with Andaz Singapore, they decked out a steak restaurant with lush foliage that enlivened the space in greenery.

Recently, they've been given a challenge: Creating an experience within a 5sqm space for shoe company The World At Your Feet. Distilling the brand's fuss-free and effortless aesthetic into the use of tropical and textural greens, Floral Magic's challenge was to showcase the merchandise. While selecting the foliage was easy, the florists needed to create an inviting setting within a tight, small space. They finished the set-up with sprawling green arrangements on the mirror, peeking out from behind benches with the shoes and sandals placed in the boot of their van. Voila — they've made floral magic happen.

Check out Floral Magic.


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