Five of the most unique art and cultural experiences in Asia: teamLab Planets Tokyo, Sifang Art Museum, Auroville, Zhongshan Building and Ne'-Na

Five of the most unique art and cultural experiences in Asia: teamLab Planets Tokyo, Sifang Art Museum, Auroville, Zhongshan Building and Ne'-Na

Sublime journeys

Text: Ethan Lee

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Japan: Wade through water at teamLab Planets Tokyo

With over 500 computers and 400 projectors, teamLab's digital art exhibitions take immersive to a whole new level. The museum is divided into five parts: Athletics Forest, Boderless World, Future Park, Forest of Lamps and the En Tea House. Every room is different, and being "borderless", the exhibitions are always evolving. We're particularly fond of the exibit lengthily tited, 'drawing on the water surface created by the dance of koi and people — infinity'. Visitors will need to take off their shoes and wade through knee-high water to check out virtual koi fish that scatter into floral bouquets upon contact.

China: Stay at Sifang Art Museum's high-design residences

Designed by internationally renowned Steven Holl Architects, Sifang Art Museum is a sprawling estate that's home to several architectural works: spend a night at Ai Weiwei's modern-brutalist 'Six Room' villa, get cosy in British architect David Adjaye's rectangular light box, recline next to a scenic lake at Sanaksenaho Architects's oxidised copper-clad building or immerse yourself in traditional Chinese design in Wang Shu's 'San-He' housing prototype

There seems to be a lack of information regarding prices per night, but we're certain if you had to ask, you probably can't afford it. Well, you could always check into the monochromatic 91-room hotel within the green sanctuary of the Lao Shan National Forest Park.

India: Mingle with a cultish creative commune in Auroville

Known as the city of dawn, Auroville is far from the India you think you know. The cultish community is self-governed with a particular focus on self-care and spirituality. Join daily meditation sessions at the spectacular Matimandir, tuck into an internationally influenced vegetarian cuisine and attend holistic workshops with artisans, craftsmen and sustainable farmers.

Thailand: Retreat to nature at Ne'-Na in Chiang Mai

Nestled among Chiang Mai's mountainous region, Ne'-Na is home to a contemporary art space that was founded in 1988 by a group of Thai and Swedish artists. The relatively isolated, quaint space is a platform for artists from all over to world to gather, exchange ideas and live. Its non-profit artist residency programmes run between four to six months and are popular among filmmakers and visual artists. They also organise exhibitions, movie screenings and music festivals.

Malaysia: Hang out at artist-run spaces at Zhongshan Building

It might look like an old and abandoned building on the outside, but Zhongshan Building houses some pretty incredible creative studios. Make your way up and down the building to discover tea salons, cafes, bakeries, reading rooms, vinyl stores and limited-run merchandise.