Five exhibitions to catch in Singapore

Five exhibitions to catch in Singapore

May mayhem

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: ArtScience Museum
Image: ARNDT
Image: Ranran Design
Image: Eliurpi
Image: Singapore Art Museum
Image: Galerie Belvedere

Five genre-bending showcases of work, both international and local, offer more than enough food for thought

I Know You Got Soul

Diego Singh

Titled after the 1987 song by Eric B. and Rakim, I Know You Got Soul is for the musically inclined and fans of the abstract. Drawing on parallels between contemporary art and rap & hip-hop music, the works by American artists look current but retain an appeal that is certain to endure into the future. The artists reinvent conventional mediums such as oil or acrylic on canvas. A highlight of this is Phoebe Collings-James's use of her feet to apply black oil paint, transforming her work into a performance.

ARNDT Singapore, till 21 June

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Barcelona Transgressive Designers: From Art to Design

RanRan Design

Accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags, home decor and ceramic work — there's no lack of choice here. 21 cutting-edge designers from Barcelona are showcasing their creative works this month. Whether you're conventional or kitschy, the pieces here will fit your bill. Every designer takes what is plain and gives it their own twist, from Espelma & Louise's eclectic candles to Eliurpi's gorgeous floral sunhats. Indulge in both viewing and buying what catches your eye, as the exhibition is also accompanied by a pop-up store.

National Design Centre, till 17 May

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After Utopia

Shannon Lee Castleman

Classics like 1984 have popularised the idea of dystopia, but this exhibition tells an opposite tale. Works that range from print to video all show how humanity is always yearning for the perfect world, and questions whether that search ultimately lies within us. It holds a heavy premise and works such as the controversial Pinkswing Park — depicting an Indonesian Adam and Eve — live up to it.

Singapore Art Museum, till 18 October

Prudential Singapore Eye

Adeline Kueh

Tying in with SG50, local contemporary art is being given a new stage. 17 artists are showcasing 40 works that span from photography to interactive installations — the quirkiest of which include Lee Wen's Ping Pong Go-Round III, a re-interpretation of the familiar game. Those looking to relive old times will also find what they're looking for; pieces such as Adeline Kueh's En Passant, a photography series at the old Tanjong Pagar train station, are strongly nostalgic. Everything is woven together by the central concept of Singapore's urban context and the ever-changing nature of our city.

ArtScience Museum, till 28 June

Neiland in Singapore

Brendan Neiland

Brendan Neiland is one of Britain's leading contemporary painters and printmakers, and his unique brand of work is hitting Singapore's shores this May. Using architecture to create abstract imagery, his distinct style is marked by saturated colour and reflections of light. The result is stunning pictorials that are reminiscent of Singapore's cityscape. See areas such as Marina Bay, the Financial District and the Botanical Gardens transformed by his dynamic vision.

Galerie Belvedere, 15 May - 23 May