Where to shop for the furniture on Empire

Where to shop for the furniture on Empire

Into the Lyon's den

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Koket,

As Empire returns for its third season, we cast a light on the television series' set design which favours New York-based furniture brand Koket

If you're looking to include more drama in the details of your home, you best be taking a leaf out of Caroline Perzan's book. The veteran set decorator has chalked up some 26 years of experience, having worked in television dramas such as CSI, House M.D. and Public Enemies. Another notable client is Empire, which premiered their third season last week.

You know the show for its role in bringing Taraji P. Henson back in the limelight, but it's also got us taking some design notes. Favouring rich metals, marble, exotic upholstery and vintage trinkets, Empire boasts plush lounges and rooms that inspire or encourage hedonism. Furnishings set the right mood which of course, is the ultimate enabler.

Vivre in EmpireBrilliance and Eternity seen in Empire

It's no surprise then, that Perzan's turned to New York-based label Koket for its rich interiors. The brand's picks have already been featured in the equally steamy scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey, so sealing its place in Empire seems to be a natural progression. We spotted exquisite materials such as Koket's mother of pearl and gold leaf Camilia cabinet as well as its hand-carved, gold leaf peacock.

The Lyon family have been spoiled senseless by these luxe finds, and now it's your turn. See the Koket items featured on Empire below.

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