Whether you're a mod, a romantic, a creative or a classic, here's how to set the mood with Dulux

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Whether you're a mod, a romantic, a creative or a classic, here's how to set the mood with Dulux
In need of a home makeover? We've pooled together moodboards with the help of Dulux Ambiance™, an exclusive range of premium interior and special effects paints to truly personalise your world

With Chinese New Year coming in just under a month, you know the drill by now: A self-reflection's in order, starting from your inner self right down to the front you put on. We're talking about a wardrobe overhaul, Facebook friends declutter and lots of spring-cleaning.

It's about the little touches that really make a difference, and more often that not, that starts with a fresh coat of paint. You already know that the colour white makes a small room look bigger and that Monarch Gold is AkzoNobel's Colour Of the Year for 2016, but how do you take something as basic as paints to the next level?

Enter Dulux, your go-to solution for sprucing up. Their new Dulux Ambiance™ collection features an advanced paint formulation that gives you countless opportunities for personalisation with Dulux Ambiance™ All, a premium paint with a colour palette of depth and intensity. Not only that, they've also introduced Dulux Ambiance™ Special Effects Paint to complement your interiors with these four new textures: Linen, marble, metallic and velvet.

If you've been eyeing a few décor products to add to your home collection, you won't be hard-pressed to find a better match — the new Dulux Ambiance™ collection features colours that will suit any modern homeowner. A word to all the mods, romantics, classics and creatives: Go ahead, paint like no one's watching.


If you've always had an eye for rich colour, a touch for texture and penchant for patterns, we suggest looking towards Dulux Ambiance™ Linen, part of the special effects that delivers a unique touch and feel to home walls. Inspired by the natural and rustic feel of the classic cloth, let your walls stand out with this unique textured fabric effect — perfect to create an ambience of ultimate comfort. 

Dulux Classic

You can't go wrong with marble — Dulux understands this association with luxe wares, which is why the Dulux Ambiance™ Marble effect is great for those who prefer to keep it classic. It provides a simple, understated backdrop to other standout luxury furnishings. Inspired by the beauty of stone, it creates the perfect classy touch of marble finish on your walls. 

With Dulux Ambiance's Elegant Romance

Romance can be so tactile — which is why its often up to material pleasures to really set the heart racing. Opulent fabric inspires the special effect of Dulux Ambiance™ Velvet, which is ideal for the person who enjoys a quiet night in with his or her partner, or for the family to lounge on weekend movie nights. Whichever way you go, you'll be certain your walls are dressed up accordingly. 


Metallics are always a classic. Whether you favour gold, silver, copper or bronze — or all — Dulux has the solution with their special Dulux Ambiance™ Metallic effects. Choose to either mix your metals, or stick to one in different hues, and watch the room change just by switching up the colour of your walls. 

For more information on how to make Dulux work for your home, click here 

Text: Adibah Isa

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