#BuroLive Episode 23: Discovering art books at the Singapore Art Book Fair

#BuroLive Episode 23: Discovering art books at the Singapore Art Book Fair

Art for all

Text: Renée Batchelor

Think art books are all glossy, coffee table tomes? Renée Ting of the Singapore Art Book Fair invites you to discover the diversity and creativity on display at this year's showcase

The Singapore Art Book Fair is in its fourth edition in 2017, but many people still hold misconceptions of what art books are. No, they're not all the glossy, art and photography books you pick up from Taschen, or limited edition collectibles from famous artists. Some can be as simple and heartfelt as a hand-doodled zine and be about anything from movies to pop culture to life in Singapore. This year festival director Renée Ting has expanded the fair's offerings which includes 40 exhibitors hailing from Korea, Japan and Indonesia as well as a family collective and even students sharing booths. There is also an in-house artist and illustrator, Rachele Ho, who will be designing all the collaterals for the fair.

Besides big-name exhibitors like Phaidon Press, which will be bringing in mainly food and travel-related fare, expect a lot of cool and interesting zines from design collectives like holycrap as well as a locally-produced, independant magazine Sand. This year Ting is also introducing the Wall of Women, a whole wall dedicated to showcasing independent zines from female artists. Submissions are still being accepted, so if you're feeling that spark of creativity, check out the fair's Facebook to find out more details on how to be considered. 

The Singapore Art Book Fair will take place from the 28 to 30 April and will be held at 7 Lock Road, Gilman Barracks. 

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