Best weird, quirky and Instagram-approved mirrors: Lotta Blobs, Gustaf Westman, Al’s Place, and more

Best weird, quirky and Instagram-approved mirrors: Lotta Blobs, Gustaf Westman, Al’s Place, and more

Mirror talk

Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Instagram | @gustafwestman

In a world where sites like Pinterest and Instagram reign supreme to our inspiration for home décor, not all mirrors are created equal. Of course, mirrors still serve their purpose as reflective surfaces for us to eye our complexion, check our WFH fits, or even as a decorative hack to help create the illusion of depth. But increasingly, mirrors have also served as an unintended Instagram guest star. And that's where these quirky yet lovely mirrors come in the picture. You might have eyed some of these during your daily feed scroll, and found your attention grabbed by them rather than the human figure they reflect. Intrigued? Look no further. Below, the best weird and wonderful mirrors that'll instantly add life and elevate your personal cavern, and of course, your selfie game.

Lotta Blobs

Ridiculously cute brand name aside, these adorable mirrors will certainly add a truckload of fun to your mirror selfies and homes. Encased in bright, fun squiggles, these zestful mirrors are sculpted painstakingly by hand, making each one uniquely individual. The acrylic mirror is shatterproof with a sawtooth hanger at the back for those who wish to adorn it on the walls. The mirrors come rectangular, circle, or oval-shaped, and there's even a mini one available to decorate your desk.

Shop the mirrors from Lotta Blobs here.

Gustaf Westman

Weighing a little heavier on the pockets, these chic and playful mirrors use the allure of curves to their advantage. Crafted by Swedish designer Gustaf Westman, the curvaceous pattern is a reminiscent paean to the Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass, founder of Memphis Group, one of Westman's design influence. Available in two sizes, the mini mirror is currently on the market whilst the larger mirror and its price is available upon request.

Shop the mirrors from Gustaf Westman here.

Al's Place

If you think that rugs only belong on the floor, well, think again. Handcrafted by tufting artist Alice Kelly, these mirrors come with tufted edges that are vibrant and colourful. Each uniquely designed piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, and customers are able to discuss and choose the design for their customised rug-accented mirrors. With various geometric motifs, texture and colour palettes, these mirrors will amp up the mood in any room. Although it's limited to one mirror per customer with the most recent stock sold out, Kelly has stated that a restock is 'coming soon', so keep your eyes peeled.

Shop the mirrors from Al's Place here.

The Happy Place

Local retailer The Happy Place has an assortment of mirrors in their line-up that will speak to most of us. Rattan mirrors in the shape of crescents, flowers, sunbursts and even an eye are all at one's disposal here. For minimalists, the online store stocks clean-cut mirrors in a copious number of shapes and sizes. There's even one that's able to multitask between being a mirror and a clothes ladder that holds your favourite shirt, sweater or any clothing in between.

Shop the mirrors from The Happy Place here.

Salt Studios

Wavy, fluorescent and incredibly cheerful, these mirrors will brighten up any mirror selfies. Made by British artist Francesca Pappacoda, this London-based studio's mirrors are decked with various fondant shades — i.e. millennial-approved. Choose from terrazzo or solid coloured mirrors that are handmade from Jesomonite, a water-based composite material. Better yet, the mirror was made from sustainable materials  the tray that houses the mirrors were once damaged, but have been repaired and redesigned into a new tray so as to work towards a zero waste environment. All mirrors are currently sold out, but they're restocking on 1 November. Fastest fingers first.

Shop the mirrors from Salt Studios here.


Spray-foam décor, and in particular foam mirrors, are one of the biggest interior trends at the moment. The contemporary design sees colourful foam, often pastel, lining the edges of mirrors. During the peak of quarantine season, it was an explosive DIY trend that was featured on seemingly every TikTok or Instagram. For those who prefer to purchase their statement foam mirrors instead, look to stores like BulaBulã, where foam mirrors are sold in either circle or square forms, with an assortment of colours. For international orders, shoot the Australian-based brand a DM on Instagram and they'll get you sorted.

Shop the mirrors from BulaBulã here.