Artist Aaron Kai's 'Vices' heats up Hong Kong

And vice versa

Artist Aaron Kai's 'Vices' heats up Hong Kong
Post-pop artist Aaron Kai paints a playful portrait of society's vices — for better or for worse

What are some of your worst vices?

While some of us might not publicly disclose our guilty pleasures, Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai has other ideas. In his latest solo exhibition "Vices', the 25-year old hailing from 'Frisco sheds (or rather, draws) light on the very things that we're drawn to.

Recycled Ronald Aaron Kai

The post-pop artist's new body of work is strikingly different from his previous murals that involved the manipulation of waves. While 'Vices' retains the bright colours associated with the artist, this time, it hones them in to culturally relevant symbols. The motifs are something we can instantly identify with, and in more ways than one, connect to. Just take your pick — beer, porn, ramen or Rolexes. Even McDonalds feature in his works. Let's face it, even the best of us can recall submitting to the big Mac at one point or another.

Rolex Mo Sex

In Singapore last March for a pop-up exhibition at Sup, Kai brings his new series to Above Second gallery in Hong Kong. While the metropolitan city is famous for a lot of things — Tim Ho Wan and The Peninsula being some of them — it's also lauded for its intense work culture and even headier nightlife, making it an ideal setting for 'Vices'.

Kai has previously collaborated with street wear brands The Hundreds and Official. If his 'Vices' artwork ever sees the light of day on apparel — it'll be a hit you'll be embarrassed to wear, but ironically of course.

Vices by Aaron Kai is showing from 22 May at Above Second, Hong Kong. Follow Kai on Instagram @aaronkkai.

Text: Adibah Isa

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