An armchair for the little ones: Cassina Baby Utrecht

An armchair for the little ones: Cassina Baby Utrecht

Because they deserve the best

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Cassina

The iconic Utrecht armchair now comes in a mini fit for your little one

Sure, nothing beats sitting on daddy's lap — but once your child has a feel of the Baby Utrecht, he or she might just not want to leave it.

The iconic chair by Cassina now comes for the young ones who already have their eye on designer furniture, for it's never too early to start. At 30% (46 x 57 with a height of 49cm) of its original size, the mini version is ideal for ages three to eight. 

Cassina Utrecht

Baby Utrecht retains the same characteristics as the original pictured above — the smooth, sunken curves of the seat as well as the blanket stitching along the junctions of the chair. Crafted by Dutch designer and architect Gerrit T. Rietveld in 1935, it's been produced by Cassina 1988 and renamed Utrecht, where Rietveld was born and raised.

This miniature is available in yellow, red and blue faux leather, which are the colours prevalent in Rietveld's collections, such as his iconic Red Blue Chair. Just two years shy of Cassina's 90th anniversary, Baby Urecht is the first proposal of more things to come in preparations for their milestone.

Available from November at Dream Interiors, 456 River Valley Road.