Nature-inspired Italian furniture brand alcarol comes to Dream Interiors

Notes from the underbelly

Nature-inspired Italian furniture brand alcarol comes to Dream Interiors
With Italian nature's underdogs as their mood board, alcarol brings together a line of products that inspire you to look a little closer

It's no secret that Italians practically win at life. In cuisine, fashion and furnishings, their impeccable taste for style and substance evident all around without you even noticing: In the perfect cut of a Zegna suit, or the luxe curves of a Poltrona Frau couch. For Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farra, the duo have continued the country's legacy in furniture with alcarol, which have just arrived in Singapore by way of Dream Interiors.

Each piece tells a story of Italy's natural environment, from the depths of Venice's waterways and to the height of the Dolomite mountains. Combining these materials with resin, nature's unsung heroes — wormholes, moss and undergrowth — see the light of day again in the comfort of your home. 

While travelers romanticise Venetian canals, hardly any thought is given to the poles that have endured decades of weathering. The oak logs tell a story formed by shipworms leaving circular holes, which have since been filled up with transparent resin. Underwater air bubbles have also been restored. 

Who knew the damp undergrowth of the Dolomite mountains could serve as inspiration? The chlorophyll-tinged layer of forest vegetation are embedded in resin, along with some logs with their rugged edges preserved.

Another aspect of the mountains lies in Dolomyth, which captures the complex relief of rock layers in response to climate. An interesting capture of geomorphological evolution, the layers inspire the different shades and textures in the stools, which range from pink to grey. 

alcarol is available at Dream Interiors at 456 River Valley Road. For more information, click here.

Text: Adibah Isa

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