The allure of flash tattoos

Ink it in

  • 28.10.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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There are an endless number of misconceptions surrounding tattoos. Archaic association with delinquency aside, there is the preconceived notion that all ink must come with some sort of weighty significance. It’s a laughable sentiment as any; a statement that feels ridiculously outdated in the modern age. Does it really matter if the sketch of Spongebob Squarepants on your inner elbow isn’t a metaphor for some deep philosophical lesson? Yeah, we think not.

Tattoos — much like art — is subjective, and can be interpreted or framed in any way you’d prefer. And so, we’re making a case for flash tattoos: Pre-designed pieces by artists perfect for those starved for inspiration and, yet, are hankering for some new ink. We’ve rounded up several worthy candidates for your perusal, below.

As it turns out, Halloween coincides with the studio’s second-year anniversary. Celebration comes in the form of a special event, where their commune of artists will be offering flash tats from 29 — 30 October. Bookings are required, with the designs released on the day itself to parties who managed to acquire slots. Beyond that, there are also complimentary drinks to be redeemed and giveaways to score. Get to making your reservations, stat.

Another spooky occasion of note this October? Iron Fist Tattoo’s flash ink event. Participating artists include high-calibre names in the vein of Khai The Tattooer, Chloe Goh, Myles Chan, and more — of which have released the designs on their personal pages on 24 October. Prospective attendants have to drop the respective parties a DM signaling their interest in a piece to book a slot. Walk-ins are not entertained.

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The same concept applies for Wild Paw, though their flash tattoos aren’t restricted to a specific day. Instead, their creatives have dropped a series of spectacularly scary designs that can be viewed in full on their Instagram page. Browse through six varied sets and contact the artists individually should any catch your fancy. Price points have been (helpfully!) provided by each artist too, so you’ll be able to select and curtail a piece according to your budget.

The hand-poked artist has been making waves thanks to her one-of-a-kind sensibilities. Her pieces are best described as saccharine sweet with a contradictory twist — a skim through her Instagram page showcases various demonic figures conducting mundane activities such as watering plants; barnyard animals dismembered in ways that are more hilarious than gruesome; and, uh, toe-inspired creatures harbouring humanoid-like expressions. Should you vibe with her style, we recommend reserving a slot way in advance seeing how her books are already closed for 2021.

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If fine lines and delicate motifs are more your speed, look no further than Em’s designs. Her Instagram hints at a penchant for animal-inspired pieces, with her latest flash set focused on cats lounging about on various foods. Said designs are released on the first Monday of every month at 9pm, so be sure to stay on top of that should you be interested.

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