Blackpink's Lisa is sparking a beauty revolution

New frontier

  • 12.09.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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In a move that surprised absolutely no one, prolific rappergirl-group member; and M.A.C. Cosmetics Global Brand Ambassador, Lisa, has dropped a solo track. Titled LaLisa, it captures the very essence of K-Pop as we know it. Translation: A slickly-produced, hyper-flashy piece brimming with glitz and glamour. This is very much so reflected in the hair and makeup choices, where each frame brings about a delightful visual feast in the form of OTT talon piercings, glitter-saturated eyeshadows, and more. Granted, it’s a lot to take in within three minutes — which is why we did the legwork for ya and gathered the most impressive of the lot to dissect. Cast your gaze on the goods, below.

In a galaxy far, far away…

Is no one else getting cyberpunk, sci-fi vibes from this look? The careful melding of Lisa’s violet, azure, and magenta eyeshadow brings to mind the futuristic palette wielded by the characters and sets in Blade Runner 2049. Or, arguably, Star Wars — though we suspect that has more to do with her spacesuit-like garment. The high-shine finish of Lisa’s boysenberry lippie is the cherry on top.

Two-toned mane

Face-framing tendrils? Nah. Instead, go for whole chunks of hair instead. Lisa’s bleached rendition is perfect for anyone looking to experiment with colour without having to fully commit to the whole ‘do. Also: less hair damage in the long-run. What’s not to like?

Nail bling

Piercings! Charms! Embellishments! No wonder Lisa can’t tear her eyes off her mani even while spitting out a sick verse. We get it.

A homage to Euphoria

Seriously, remember Cassie’s ice-skating scene in Euphoria’s finale? This proves to be a carbon-copy of that version, though Lisa scores extra points for matching her makeup to ’em nails — all whilst acing a killer dance routine, mind. What an over-achiever.

Barbie girl

There’s nothing that screams Mattel icon quite like a breezy fun pony paired with a hot pink lipstick. Lisa elevates the childhood favourite by putting her own twist to it. Think wickedly sharp extensions and strategically-placed face jewels to help draw the eye.

All that glitters…

But are you really doing gold eyeshadow right if the ratio of glitter to pigment isn’t, well, blinding? Lisa gets it.

Light it up

We do enjoy the contrast between a practical top-knot paired with ridiculously blinged-out, fanciful lids. We suppose that’s what they call range.

Foiled again

And for anyone who can’t seem to up their eyeliner game, take a leaf from Lisa’s book and simply employ foil alternatives instead. It’s likely that these holographic stick-on versions will impress both makeup buffs and buffoons alike.

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