Zenyum Sonic review: Does this sonic-powered toothbrush give a cleaner, whiter smile?

Zenyum Sonic review: Does this sonic-powered toothbrush give a cleaner, whiter smile?

The hard tooth

Text: Emily Heng

The creation of electric toothbrushes in itself is rooted in convenience. Somewhere, someday, someone thought to themselves: is it necessary to exert all that arm action to keep my chompers clean? And so, an electronic variant was born; a galvanic device that utilises vibrations to eradicate all manner of plaque and tartar. Bearing this in mind, I suppose it's ironic that my aversion to said toothbrushes stems from a place of inherent laziness. That's right — I, Emily Heng, of rigorous skincare routine and detailed hair regime, can't summon the energy to charge my ridiculously high-tech toothbrush. Who would have thought?

Perhaps it is because I've saddled myself with enough arduous demands, beauty-wise, or maybe I find it pointless to exert exorbitant effort for what constitutes as basic hygiene. And so, I initially baulked at the thought of having to incorporate an electric toothbrush into my day-to-day regimen. Still, the promise of the Zenyum Sonic proved too intriguing to miss. Designed to remove 21% more plaque at a speed 10 times faster than conventional electric toothbrush picks, I caved at the possibility of pearly whites bright enough to rival Chris Evans. What can I say? Vanity always wins out, in the end. Here's what I discovered after a solid month of use:

The brush

Zenyum Sonic comes in two sleek, minimalistic designs: black or white. I went for the latter, primarily because it was more in line with my current bathroom aesthetic. Going by first impressions, I liked how the brush had heft to it without being heavy. It felt solid in my grip, but not weighty enough that I'd liken each use to #armsday. Toggling the plus sign sets it into motion, with a flashing indicator dictating what cleaning setting it is on. The Sonic comes with three: Clean, Gentle, and White.

They weren't kidding when they said the brush goes at 10 times the speed of mass market options. I admit, I startled when I set it upon my teeth. The vibrations were intense, where each whir made it feel as if I was exhuming and removing all built-up debris and tartar. Not an unwelcome sensation, but definitely one that required getting used to. White mode proved even more terrifying in this regard. I found myself constantly stopping to check if my gums were bleeding, or if I had unconsciously chipped a tooth thanks to the Sonic's vigour.

To my relief, Gentle mode was a lot less intimidating. I emerged feeling as if my teeth were well-cleansed without having to stop to assess its state throughout. And while I didn't observe a significant difference in terms of whiteness, I did find that my gnashers had less of a yellow tinge at the end of three weeks. I did like the built-in-timer setting, too, where the brush halts at the two-minute mark. This keeps users aware as to the optimal amount of time to spend brushing your teeth; a handy reminder for folks like me prone to zoning out while scrubbing away.

The convenience

What made all the difference to me was the Zenyum Sonic's long battery life. I used it straight off the bat without charging it, and it lasted me a whole month without faltering. Another plus point: it utilises inductive wireless charging, which means I don't have to fumble around looking for the right wire to plug in once it winds down. Last but not least, the cherry on top: Zenyum's Brush Head Refill Plan, where customers are able to receive new brush heads should they indicate that option at time of purchase. Yes, this means you get refills every one, two, or three months, depending on what you've selected. Not having to brush with splayed-out, crusty bristles? A revelation, dear reader.


The payoff

All in all — and at the affordable rate of $39.90 — I'd say the Zenyum Sonic is a worthy investment. Efficacious and largely fuss-free to use, it'd probably sway even the staunchest of manual brush users. It convinced me, any rate. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm looking up a spankin' new toothbrush holder to house my new addition.

The Zenyum Sonic is available on its site, selected Guardian outlets, as well as on Lazada and Shopee.