Plus Body Wash: The work of ingenuity that is a sustainable, zero-waste soap

Plus Body Wash: The work of ingenuity that is a sustainable, zero-waste soap

And, poof!

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @cleanwithplus

A primary concern us beauty buffs are constantly faced with is: where the heck are we going to hoard our loot? It is Singapore, after all, and limited space remains a pressing issue most of us contend with. Lucky for us, American eco-friendly beauty brand, Plus, has heard our pleas from across the globe — and delivered in the form of a dissolvable body wash. In short: a product to help us save on soap dish expenses as well as precious counter space; its nifty design essential in putting us on the fast track to a fully sustainable lifestyle.

As of publication, the Plus Body Wash comes in three options: Cloud, Summer, and Waves. It prides itself on being a no-bottle — and thus, no-waste — body wash, where users are issued "packets" filled with 16 shower sheets instead. Said pieces transform into a gel substance upon contact with water, and work as they would typical sudsy variants. Neat. Its packaging, too, is crafted to disintegrate with the inclusion of H2O; its brightly coloured vessel comprising wood pulp made from "responsibly managed FSC forests" that are decreed safe to go down your shower drain.

Its ingredient list includes skin-soothing aloe leaf, rich shea butter, and nourishing almond oil, all of which is present in each individual product. What distinguishes each type, however, lies in its scent: there is the fragrance-free Cloud; the mood-boosting "Summer" containing neroli, orange, and lemon; as well as "Waves", which harbours a heady combination of coconut, sea salt, and jasmine.

Talk about a game-changer within the body care sector — and a travel-friendly essential the second borders open up, mind. In the meantime, though, we recommend you take it for a test-drive at your next staycation.

Plus Body Wash is available for purchase on its site.