Nuffield Aesthetics Singapore review: How does its body shaping treatment, Evolve by InMode, fare?

Nuffield Aesthetics Singapore review: How does its body shaping treatment, Evolve by InMode, fare?

Carve up

Text: Emily Heng

Far be it for me to talk about things I don't understand, but as someone with a gym membership, I suppose I'm qualified to talk about fitness. As in, the rigorous, not-always-rewarding aspects of exercise, which — more often than not! — does not immediately bring about toned, taut muscles. And my question to that is a simple yet guileless: why? It is quickly followed by other inquiries of a similar nature, most often thought about as I begrudgingly attempt another kettlebell swing or convoluted stance during HIIT. How is it that exercise still flourishes in the age of instantaneous gratification? Is it truly so difficult to get with the times and come up with something else? Why has my Apple Watch only clocked 295 active calories burned?

Nuffield Aesthetics Singapore review: How does its body shaping treatment, Evolve by InMode, fare? (фото 1)

Funnily enough, I'm not the only one with such musings. Others, however, have opted to do something about it, which translates to the inception of body shaping treatments. One such company is InMode, a leading global provider of innovative medical technologies. As of late, they've launched Evolve; an all-in-one, non-invasive procedure that allows users to remodel skin, target adipose tissue, and firm muscles. In short: a fast-track to getting an athletic built without putting in the work. Sheer genius or an utter sham? Here's what I found out.

The premise

First things first: finding the right place to get the job done. Nuffield Aesthetics was my pick, in part due to its convenient location (Scotts Medical Centre) and its extensive menu of services that served as a good indicator of their proficiency. Think micro-needling, pico lasers, and, naturally, InMode's Evolve. Led by award-winning doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Samintharaj Kumar, I was further reassured by the clinic's specialisation in customised treatments tailored to individual needs.

The procedure

The check-in process went smoothly, and I was soon escorted to a consultation room. Once all the pleasantries were out of the way, we looked at my problem areas and decided on a course of treatment. InMode's Evolve comes with three different functions: Tite, Trim, and Tone. Tite utilizes Radio Frequency energy to deliver uniform, volumetric heat that gives the appearance of tighter, smoother skin; Trim uses the exact same RF waves to penetrate to the deepest layers of subcutaneous fats to work its magic; while Tone comprises electrical muscle stimulation to invoke muscular contractions. Yes, that means it actually mimics the motions and fluctuations you'd experience while exercising. Neat.

I decided on Tite and Tone for my non-existent abs. The former, I'd dare say, was a walk in the park: a cooling gel was first applied, before various gizmos were attached to the area. As the machine booted up, I felt a warm, tingling pressure emit from the applicators, akin to someone rolling a boiled egg over my skin. Perfectly pleasant, and very much sleep-inducing. Tone, on the other hand, was an exercise in willpower. I was warned beforehand that it'd be uncomfortable, with the sensation described as "severe cramping." As someone with various tattoos, I, unfortunately, overestimated my tolerance for pain and brazenly told my aesthetician to, quote-unquote, "bring it on."

Nuffield Aesthetics Singapore review: How does its body shaping treatment, Evolve by InMode, fare? (фото 2)

What came next was close to 45 minutes of discomfort, where it felt as if my stomach was being kneaded and chopped to submission. Or, well, moulded into a xiao long bao by the expert, unrelenting chefs at Din Tai Fung. Alas, I'm told that this largely had to do with sensitive skin of the stomach, too, which only exacerbated the aches. The pain was greatly reduced when I attempted Tone on my arms during the next session.

The pay-off

What is it they say about gains when no pain is involved? As it turns out, the fleeting agony experienced is proportional to the results acquired. I emerged with a leaner, more toned pooch that could fool just about anyone into thinking I hydrate regularly and consume my greens. Regular sessions are recommended to maintain the results — or, well, exercise. All in all, it really depends on what you're willing to let take the hit: your bank balance, or your bod. Seeing the results, I might just be tempted into the former.

Nuffield Aesthetics is located at #06-07 Scotts Medical Centre, Singapore 228210.

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