New fragrance releases of note in 2020: Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior…

New fragrance releases of note in 2020: Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior…

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Text: Emily Heng

You're probably sick of hearing hackneyed phrases along the lines of, 'new year, new you'. Still, we're nothing if not thorough. On the off chance that you're looking to revise and revamp in 2020, we've compiled a list of outdated beauty goods to toss, disposables to ditch, and the latest makeup releases worth splashing out on. With your new face well-and-sorted, it's time to tackle the next part of your transformation: scent. Hey, what's a makeover if it doesn't leave you thoroughly changed, right? Hopefully for the better — and judging by our penchant for impeccable, up-to-minute perfumes, that's pretty much guaranteed. Cast your eyes over our picks, below.

Penhaligon's Limited Edition Brilliantly British Eau de Parfum

Fancy yourself a bit of an Anglophile? If so, we'd suggest this dapper medley. A quick whiff of this unique concoction is sure to teleport you to the UK in a jiffy; an intoxicating blend of salted caramel and frozen lavender that pays homage to the traditional ingredients typically used by Britain's well-established perfumeries. We say spritz this on, boot up The Crown, and get those mince pies in the oven for the full effect.


Tommy Hilfiger Impact Eau de Toilette

We're well-aware of the adage that good things come in small packages. In this case, it's 50ml of smoky, citrusy heaven which conceals a travel-sized version within its cap. Talk about an ingenious design — one which we hope to see reflected in more cologne offerings to come.


Maison Christian Dior Fragrance Discovery Set

You're probably familiar with these much-adored scents from the house of Dior. Still, this marks the first time you get to sample all eight of them at once; unisex signatures that embody the creative vision of master perfumer, François Demachy. The full line-up includes Jasmine De Anges, Ambre Nuit, Oud Isapahan, Gris Dior, Rouge Trafalgar, Spice Blend, Holy Peony, and Bois d'Argent.


Jo Malone Midnight Musk & Amber

We'd imagine that the muse to a creative maestro would smell like this. Sensual and subtle in equal measure, its heart notes of amber and neroli are complemented with intriguing musk and benzoin; a complex cocktail that intrigues as much as it seduces. An apt choice for the multitude of holiday parties you'll be attending, probably.


Tom Ford Bitter Peach

It's rare to hear a fruit described as bitter, which perhaps best explains the intrigue surrounded around Tom Ford's latest scent. And yet, we found that there is no word more apt for this contradictory fragrance; a fruit-floral that opens with vibrant, sweet notes of pêche de vigne and Sicilian blood orange oil that slowly evolves into a spicy, heady mix infused with heady rum absolute and Davana oil. Much how like you contain multitudes, so does this perfume. One for the ages, indeed.


Marc Jacobs Perfect

Perfect is the embodiment of renowned designer, Marc Jacob's, commitment to embracing one's authentic self; a joyous celebration of self-love and optimism. This translates to a riotous clash of both calming and sensual notes that comprise comforting almond milk as well as vibrant daffodil. Bonus: its one-of-a-kind bottle that comes decked out in an assortment of charms sure to add pizzaz to any vanity.

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Collection

Why settle for one when you can choose from a whole range of new scents? Chloé is all for providing for the masses this month with the Atelier des Fleurs Collection. Totaling nine new fragrances — Rosa Damascena, Lavanda, Magnolia Alba, Cedrus, Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Herba Mimosa, Neroli, Verbena, and Jasmine Sambac — there is sure to be an apt aromatic partner for every personality out there. Speaking of yet another assemblage of note...

Christian Louboutin LoubiWorld Fragrances

Picture seven scents that carefully explores each facet of the designer's personality, from his most personal memories to his wildest fantasies. Each red-lacquered bottle (of course) comes with a spectacular topper that best describes the fragrance within, from mischievous lucky cats to glamorous jewel-encrusted crowns.

Hermès L'Ombre des Merveilles

A quick glance through this roundup is enough to ascertain that exotic, far-flung locations are a regular source of inspiration for many a perfumer. Established Swiss-Italian nose, Christine Nagel, however, has eschewed the conventional option, instead looking to the concept of light and shade for her latest work. The Hermès L'Ombre des Mervilles is exactly that; a play on contrasting elements of musky incense and fine, enveloping cashmere. The juxtaposition is evident through its bottle design, too, where its scent is housed in a rocking flacôn that is flat on one side and rounded on the other.


Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori

Tuberose essence is expertly blended with hints of ylang ylang and jasmine sambac absolute to form an otherworldly new perfume, one that speaks to women across a wide variety of lifestyles and experiences. This is embodied by Gucci ambassadors: Anjelica Huston, Florence Welsh, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Susie Cave in a dreamy campaign set in a mythical and ancient landmark. How fitting — and poetic.


Penhaligon's Halfeti Leather

A cult classic is reimagined in 2020, made anew with the addition of vanilla, sandalwood, and leather. Beginning with fresh notes of bergamot and Artemisia, it eventually transforms into a scent warm, strong, and reassuring. We have no doubt that it will soon join the ranks of memorable perfumes within the Penhaligon's archives.


Bvlgari Man Glacial Essence

The follow-up to fan-favourites in the vein of the Bvlgari Man Wood Essence and Man Wood Neroli, the Glacial Essence is the personification of invigorating freshness; a distinctive blend of juniper berry essence, ginger extract, and geranium essence. According to perfumer, Alberto Morillas, it serves as "an icy, liberating breath of air for every man who wears it." Sounds perfect for Singapore's hot and humid climate.


Chloé Signature Rose Tangerine

The birth child of fragrance connoisseurs, Sidonie Lancesseur and Michael Almairac, the Chloé Rose Tangerine comprises the iconic Chloé rose note with a fruity twist. This time, it bears sunny tangerine alongside vivid blackcurrant to reinforce its character, delivering a bouquet that is both ultra-contemporary and elegant.

Le Labo Citron 28

Exclusivity is an enticing concept, particularly when it comes to something quite as personal as fragrance. And while bespoke scents are a viable option, Le Labo provides another in the form of city-selective fragrances sold only in the destination they are made for. Joining the ranks of Tokyo, Paris, and Amsterdam this year is Seoul with Citron 28; a citrusy concoction that plays on interesting contradictions in the form of fresh lemon notes paired with deep cedar and musk. Ordinarily, scooping up this scent would constitute a plane ticket to Seoul, but we're pleased to report that an exception has been made from 1 to 30 September with the fragrance being sold at the Singapore boutique during this limited time period. Act fast, folks.


Love Chopard Eau de Parfum

The Swiss retailer pays homage to roses, regality, and the red carpet with their latest fragrance. Well, or more specifically, the velvet-lined walkway of Cannes Film Festival. To paint a picture, master perfumer Alberto Morillas describes it as the "perfect olfactive match to that unique moment when the world's most stunning beauties light-up Cannes' legendary "montée des marches". Seeing as how the event is cancelled in 2020 thanks to COVID-19 concerns, we recommend you spritz this on instead and relive last year's highlights.


Acqua di Parma by LaDoubleJ

While not technically a perfume per se, we couldn't miss out on covering this cohesive partnership between Italian heavyweights Acqua di Parma and LaDoubleJ. Their capsule collection introduces a body scrub, lotion, and candle that harbours a joyful, fresh scent reminiscent of typical Mediterranean aromas. Expect bright, dynamic bouquets from each offering that perfectly matches the maximalist spirit of both brands.


Diptyque Parfum de Voyage

Traveling is still out of the question for most of us seeing how we're still amidst a pandemic, but that's not to say we can't engage in the convenience of travel-friendly products. This August, the house of Diptyque is now offering reusable, refillable, and portable 12ml sprays in cult-favourite scents Do Son, Philosykos, Eau Rose, and Eau des Sens. We'd go as far to declare it perfect for fragrance touch-ups throughout the day — and an entirely apt fit seeing how perfume samples are no longer a reality.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Suprême Eau de Parfum

Call it ironic or perhaps simply tongue-in-cheek, but the fashion house is advocating the spirit of rebellion with the Good Girl Suprême. "Good Girl is a tribute to our duality, to our lights and shadows. Being conscious of our versatility makes us stronger. We will only truly be ourselves when we embrace all our facets including our irreverence," Herrera states. "Sometimes it is necessary to break the rules." Well-said. This translates to exuberant notes of berry, tonka bean, and Egyptian jasmine.

Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Neige

While not a new scent per se, the fresh, breezy Soleil Neige does come in two new sizes that make it optimal for travel purposes. If this is the first you're hearing of it, here's a crash course on this iconic blend. Primarily, it is composed of bergamot, carrot seed, and orange flower notes, all of which is said capture the cool reflection of the winter sun that lingers on the skin much like actual light rays would. How poetic.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum EDP

Described as a flamboyant take on the brand's signature 1 Million fragrance, it harbours two opposite accords that come together unexpectedly. That's musky, sensual leather mingling with sparkling, bright tuberose to form the impression of "slightly salty skin warmed by the sun." We'd think of it as a  perfect mood-booster bearing in mind the recent bout of rainy weather. Might we suggest renaming it vitamin D in a bottle?


Mr. Burberry Element

The latest addition to the Mr. Burberry family cites British nature as its inspiration. Spritz it on the next time you're feeling a little trapped amongst Singapore's playground of skyscrapers and concrete; the notes of mineral oakmoss, ambergri, and almond are sure to bring to mind tranquil forests and mossy floors instead.


Burberry London Dream

Cara Delevingne might be unrecognisable as the face of the fourth edition of Burberry Her, but we'd consider it an apt transformation as any. Her platinum blonde mane epitomises the vibrant, bustling energy of London; a tribute to the fragrance's rousing top notes of lemon and fresh ginger. Her wardrobe, on the other hand — that is a trench and button-down — pays homage to the scent's heart notes comprising peony and rose accord; classics that have withstood the test of time.

Cartier La Panthère fragrance

A re-invention of the classic scent in 2014, La Panthère toes the line between sensual and sweet; feral and floral. This striking balance is exhibited by its unique line-up of ingredients. That is, mesmerising gardenia accompanied by sensual notes of musk, all of which is amplified with a note of apricot-coloured osmanthus.


Loewe Paula Ibiza

There's no better time to engage in escapism considering our current circumstances. Start with a fragrance that transports you to the breezy beaches of the Balearics; a concoction of Madagascan mandarin oils, driftwood, and sand lily sure to remind you of sunnier times. If anything, the bright pop of colour is sure to add pizzaz to any vanity.


Bvlgari Le Gemme Erea

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and yet we're thinking that what you see is what you get with Bvlgari's latest scent. Its opulent emerald and violet bottle positively oozes with sex appeal, a taste of what's to come with spicy top notes of lemony green cardamom that dissipates into an intense heart by Somalia. Crafted as a part of Bvlgari's, first-ever Men's and Women's fragrance collector's duo, it serves as the perfect complement to...


Bvlgari Le Gemme Kobraa

The epitome of timeless masculinity is conveyed through geranium leaf and smoked incense with the addition of deep, immersive agarwood. Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier, likens it to the "diamond in high jewellery. It's irreplaceable."

Henry Jacques Fanfan & Galileo

The extension of circuit breaker measures is tough on all you lovebirds. Or, well, at least those that aren't living together, that is. Let boo know you're thinking of them by sending them a matching fragrance –– the latest by Henry Jacques comes housed in a flacon that could pass as an architectural marvel, serving as a beautiful keepsake and stellar addition to any vanity. Galileo comprises strong, sensual notes of patchouli, amber, and musk; while Fanfan is a delicate scent that perfumes the air with lavender, saffron, and rose damascenia.

Available at all Henry Jacques boutiques.


Bvlgari Omnia Golden Citrine

Light and optimism is exactly what we need in these uncertain times. Thankfully, it is a sentiment well-grasped by Bvlgari, with the jewellery house dropping a luminous, radiant fragrance in April. The Omnia Golden Citrine encompasses users in warm, dazzling notes of citrusy Sicilian mandarin and ylang-ylang.

Available at Sephora and all major departmental stores now.


Aesop Rozu Eau de Parfum

The brand has launched their fourth fragrance this month; a smoky, vibrant scent that serves as a tribute to celebrated French modernist designer, Charlotte Perriand. As with most of Aesop's offerings, this bad boy is decidedly unisex thanks to its balance of muted spices, complementary florals, and earthy notes. Versatile? You betcha.

Available on the official Aesop site now.


Herbae par L'occitane L'eau

It's likely you've forgotten the upcoming Mother's Day celebrations in light of the pandemic we're amidst. For those still unsure of what to get for mother dearest, might we suggest perusing our beauty gift guide? If not, this dedicated fragrance by L'Occitane might just do the trick. Fresh, citrusy, and floral, it contains a unique white clover heart note not found in typical olfactory offerings. Make sure to casually drop that piece of trivia in when she's unwrapping your gift — a truly one-of-a-kind gift for a one-of-a-kind gal, right?

Available on the official L'Occitane site from 23 April.

CK Everyone

It seems the famed fashion house is taking their environmental efforts to their beauty ventures, too — well, at least if their latest perfume is any indication. Clean, vegan, and infused with 79% naturally sourced ingredients, CK Everyone is a zesty, vibrant dream; a unisex scent comprising fan-favourite pickings including organic orange oil, blue tea accord, cedarwood, and the like. A perfume for everyone, indeed.

Available at all Calvin Klein counters now.


Hugo Now

A creation from fragrance luminary, Frank Voelkl, Hugo Now encapsulates the carpe diem spirit that comes with the young-at-heart. We're talking cutting-edge freshness in the form of lemon zest, daring cardamom, and cooling mint all of which is softly tempered with a hint of soothing lavender. One Direction alumni, Liam Payne, helms campaign efforts.

Available at all departmental stores and Sephora outlets from 1 March 2020.


Flower by Kenzo Poppy Bouquet Eau de Parfum Florale

The brand's 20th anniversary brings forth a new rendition of the classic scent. While Bulgarian rose retains its position as the heart of the composition, 2020's edition also harbours fresh Nashi pear, Mandarin, Jasmine, Gardenia, and Almond Wood. This results in a lively, energetic fragrance bursting with intense floral notes not suited for the faint of heart. What a way to celebrate, eh?

Available at all departmental from 26 March 2020.


Jo Malone Lavenderland

On the flipside of Kenzo's bold bouquet comes Jo Malone's Lavenderland, a strikingly aromatic collection that serves to soothe frayed nerves, promote a restful sleep, and cocoon users in a delicate, fragrant musk. Choose from a plentiful selection including colognes Lavender & Coriander; Silver Birch & Lavender; as well as Wisteria & Lavender.

Available at all Jo Malone boutiques now.


Chloé Nomade Absolu De Parfum

Radiant, luscious, and unfailingly bold, think of the Chloé Nomade Absolu as the daring, seductive older sister to the original Nomade. Drawing inspiration from the heat of the desert, it layers notes of sweet, Mirabelle plum, fruity davana, and rich sandalwood to craft a fragrance both unique and intoxicating. Traveling might be out of the question, but you can pretend you're jet setting off to a fabulous new destination with a spritz (or two) of this bad boy.

Available at all departmental stores now.

Acqua Di Parma Camellia and Sakura

The brand's beloved Signatures of the Sun range welcomes two new additions to the family. Camellia is infused with joyous, radiant notes of bergamot and mandarin, whereas Sakura delivers a subtler olfactory experience in delicate hints of pink pepper and sambac jasmine. We say save yourself the trouble of deliberating between the two and snap both up, stat.

Available at Takashimaya, Robinsons The Heeren, escentials Paragon, Tangs, and ION from April.
New fragrance releases of note in 2020: Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior… (фото 1)

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Parfum

Hollywood darling, Angelina Jolie, is Guerlain's muse for their latest fragrance offering. Designed to pay tribute to her warm, formidable presence on stage and off, this concoction includes daring doses of Bulgarian and Turkish rose alongside playful vanilla and fresh pear. A scent as unforgettable as the legend it is inspired by? No doubt about it.

Available at all Guerlain counters from 1 March 2020.


Tom Ford Private Blend Rose Prick Eau de Parfum

Guerlain isn't the only one picking roses this season. Tom Ford is in on it, too, though it seems their focus isn't just on the blooms. Instead, thorns take centre stage in the luxury label's latest scent with sharp Sichuan pepper cutting through sweet notes of Bulgarian rose and rose de Mai. The result: a mesmerising smell that titillates as much as it soothes. Colour us intrigued.

Available at all Tom Ford boutiques from 6 March 2020.

Gabrielle Chanel Essence

In the spirit of new beginnings, the classic Gabrielle Chanel EDP has earned a new face —and name — in 2020. This new rendition comprises heady notes of jasmine, sweet ylang-ylang, as well as zesty Tunisian orange blossom, granting a dose of intensity and mystique to the exquisite fragrance. Fronting the latest campaign is Australian actress, Margot Robbie, who the storied fashion house claims is a "living incarnate" of the vibrant and magnetic perfume.

Available at all Chanel fragrance and beauty counters from 6 March.


Tom Ford White Suede Eau de Parfum

Making a triumphant return is this fan-favourite fragrance from Tom Ford. Sure, its ditched its limited edition, private blend status, but not its primal, musky aroma. Expect warm amber, sensual musk, and hints of velvety rose to waft through with each spritz reminiscent of the luxurious material it is named after: suede.

Available at the Tom Ford boutique, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Takashimaya, Robinsons Raffles City and selected Sephora outlets.


Carolina Herrera 212 VIP (Red) Limited Edition

The cult offering is given a fresh coat of paint so as to raise awareness and funds for the fight against AIDS. How, you might ask? Well, each purchase sees the brand donating 100 euros to RED, an organisation that funds HIV/AIDS programmes on the ground in sub-Saharan Africa. Your good deed entitles you to a sleek, siren-red hue that encases an optimistic, sensual fragrance containing raspberry liqueur, Bulgarian rose essence, and hot spice accord. All in all, a scent that is both playful and sensual in equal measure.

Available at all major departmental stores from 1 March.

New fragrance releases of note in 2020: Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior… (фото 2)


Diptyque Eau Capitale EDP

Hopping on a plane to Paris might be a little unrealistic bearing in mind the pandemic sitch, but you still can live out your Parisian dreams with this refined fragrance. According to the high-line label, the epitome of "à la Parisienne" chic constitutes roses, fresh bergamot, and pink peppercorn. In short, a sweet, fresh scent undercut by a helping of zest to mimic the thousand facets of the city of lights. How apt.

Available at all Diptyque boutiques.


Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense

Looks like Chanel isn't the only one turning up the volume on one of their much-adored fragrances. As it turns out, Joy by Dior has received an overhaul, too. Its fresh, floral aroma is strengthened with the addition of sweet Madagascar vanilla, lively neroli, and seductive musk that lingers for hours on end. Drench yourself in its captivating aroma to experience a jolt of energy and joie de vivre.

Available at all Dior boutiques and counters from 1 March.

New fragrance releases of note in 2020: Penhaligon’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior… (фото 3)