Never tried meditation before? Here are five tips on how you can start

Never tried meditation before? Here are five tips on how you can start

Heavy breathing

Text: Karelle Ng

Image: @karmayogashop | @comohotels

I've never found time for meditation. While I'm all for alternative wellness therapies, I've always thought of meditation as a temporary solution to forget my problems. Blissful, but perhaps not lasting. Don't quote me on this though, I'm no expert. I've never even tried meditation before (not until today!). Guess what, this is likely a stigma that my peers echo as well –– so I decided to try meditation out and see for myself what the hype is all about.

And all was in good timing. We had an online meditation sesh planned at our virtual Buro. Hangouts for our Covid-19 quarantined slash work-from-home friends this afternoon.

I joined the live meditation session still feeling a little leery of the entire meditation fad (sorry, Dian!). So, in my head, I told myself that I needed a goal to keep me invested –– perhaps, a goal to feel... relaxed? Seems right, that's what I should feel by the end of the session.

The session started with Dian Lee –– a Malaysian influencer, entrepreneur, activist, meditation facilitator, and director of a documentary –– teaching us all the right breathing techniques. Inhale deeply into a relaxed tummy... then let it all out in a hearty sigh. That was quickly chased by an introduction to the two overarching parts of the session: deep breathing followed by meditation with the help of a massive crystal bowl. The latter was to help us go deeper into a tranquil, meditative state by discovering "sounds dissolving into silence". Really abstract at first, but I eventually understood what she meant when the crystal bowl sounded.

Here's the thing –– I can't quite give you a step-by-step review of what went down in that 30 minute-long session. Time stopped, her words floated about in my mind, and I lost track of the happenings.

I don't quite remember when (while focusing on my long, deep breaths) I started to feel featherweight –– both in the body and mind. It was actually quite an amazing experience.

Before she started, Dian cautioned that first-timers (like me!) might lose track of time and feel lost in the first meditation session –– but I slipped right into a coma. I felt immediately at peace and my mind was quiet. Albeit, sometimes I was a little distracted but, hey, I'm still a newbie. When the session ended, some of the viewers had a little Q&A dialogue with Dian but I was just reeling in my newfound relaxation. Verdict? Goal attained, I'm convinced. Hello to you meditation community out there, I'm officially a member of your club.

If you're new like me and are not sure if meditation is your thing, these five tips from Dian may convince you to start as well:

1. Start small. Try out meditation apps like Headspace and meditate for small amounts of time to get rid of your fear of commitment.

2. Don't beat yourself up. If it doesn't work out the first time, or second, then try again! Meditation is for everyone and in time, you will be able to cultivate awareness and guide your mind better.

3. Stick to a schedule –– while still maintaining a comfortable level of commitment, just make sure to find some time at least once a day to be kind to youself and relax.

4. Don't delay any further. Start now.

5. "Give the world the best of you and not what is left of you," says Dian. Through meditation, you will learn to love youself and that can translate to better reactions in every other part of your life and actions.

Be kind!