Lucy Boynton on toxic beauty standards, love, and being the new face of the Chloé Rose Tangerine Eau de Toilette

Lucy Boynton on toxic beauty standards, love, and being the new face of the Chloé Rose Tangerine Eau de Toilette

Here comes the sun

Text: Emily Heng

To exercise restraint is a refrain we've heard plenty of, particularly in these pandemic-riddled days. We're told to eat in moderation to maintain our health; spend within our means; or avoid activities that can become too much of a good thing. Logic and practicality trumps, while intuition and emotions are escorted to the backseat. It's precisely because of this that Chloé's Signature Rose Tangerine campaign stands out. A rediscovery of the classic Chloé Eau de Toilette scent, 2020's rendition incorporates a unique rose note, vivid blackcurrant, as well as verdant undertones. It is crafted to be an expression of femininity, one "more liberated and assertive than ever."

This is no better expressed than with the brand's campaign video featuring British actress, Lucy Boynton. She laughs and dances to the beat of her own drum, perches upon high trees, and tosses rocks into the distance with abandon. It is brazen and bold, candid in its candor — the perfect encapsulation of Chloé's free-spirited new scent. We caught up with Boynton herself on her first-ever scent; her relationship with makeup; and the significance behind partnering up with such a prominent Parisian label.

The Chloe Rose Tangerine is floral-based scent. Tell us about your own relationship with flowers.
A favourite flower of mine is the Night Blooming Jasmine. There's something very ethereal and romantic about a thing that blossoms at night. And they smell exquisite.

Chloe Rose Tangerine campaign is all about authenticity. When do you feel like your most authentic self?
When I'm at home with my family.

Does scent play a part in helping you get immersed in your roles?
I do sometimes like to use different scents for different characters, it's a fun and easy way of feeling more in the character and a definitive exit from yourself. I think I'm going to be more deliberate about doing that actually.

What was the first-ever perfume you used?
When I was a child my mum would spray her perfume on a scarf or my toy bear when she'd go away for work so I suppose that's my earliest experience of perfume. It was such a beautiful, elegant scent and so comforting because of this association.

The Chloe Rose Tangerine is all about spontaneity and free-spiritedness. Is that something that resonates with you, personally?
I really love Chloé's message of embracing yourself and being free to be yourself. The beauty standards traditionally set for women have been toxic and exclusive and it's time that's dismantled. It's really powerful to have this message of positivity and acceptance and celebrating yourself just as you are reinforced by such a prominent brand.

What does happiness smell like to you?
Grass after rain, because it reminds me of home.

How about love?

You and go-to makeup artist, Jo Baker, are known for creating boundary-breaking makeup looks. Do you guys sit down together to conceptualize these looks? What is the process like?
Jo is the best because she always makes sure it's a really collaborative process. We start with what the vibe of the event is and how I want to feel. She then studies the outfit and ideas start forming. She gets the whole team in on the discussion so that all the elements are married.

What is your relationship with makeup? How did that begin?

Until I met Jo it wasn't something I was hugely interested in outside of work. I always loved the transformations created by make up for a character but outside of that I didn't think about it much. Jo has introduced me to a side of it that is such a form of expression and an opportunity to create and explore and have fun. She is a true artist so it's thrilling just watching her work and where she draws inspiration from.