Is D'Skin's Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment the best hydrating and anti-ageing facial in Singapore?

Is D'Skin's Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment the best hydrating and anti-ageing facial in Singapore?

Cold war

Text: Jolene Khor

When I try to think of the coldest experiences I have ever subjected myself to — and have been subjected to — in my life, a few memories come to mind. My first winter in Michigan is most jarring of all them all. I was 19 and I thought being the youngest daughter in a strict, emotionally restrained Asian household prepared me for the wind chill on a sub-zero morning, and bare skin on an unheated toilet seat. Not even close. For most of us, the everyday battle of the air-conditioning (with insufferable colleagues, tsk) is most relatable. Others, a brain freeze and shivering on a plane always bite like frost.

Here's something else to keep your cool: the Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial, an anti-ageing treatment D'Skin offers that aims to restore and retain youth through pure oxygen, high frequency ultrasound devices and cold cold cold soothing additives.

Singapore is basically an island-wide buffet spread of facial treatments touting miracle results. Yet, I was inclined to give D'Skin's a try because the Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial is apparently the first facial in Singapore to use medically- and HSA-proved oxygen tanks. Sure, all that hoo-ha about Japan's oxygen bars has died down but I was curious to find out if concentrated, pure oxygen (hey, nothing but 100% for my money maker) can deliver the clear skin that emerged when damaged cells gets repaired — and if freezing temperatures (at least that's how it felt like) have any notable effects on the skin.Is D'Skin's Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment the best hydrating and anti-ageing facial in Singapore? (фото 1)

I'll have the usual

For the most part, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial was accompanied by the usual fanfare — double cleansing, exfoliation using the in-house stem cell scrub, and extraction, followed by two massages paced between decidedly more intensive procedures (more on those in a bit). One of the massages was performed with a collagen-serum and multi-vitamin massage cream, the other is an aromatic pressure point massage designed to stimulate blood flow. 

The stars of the treatment however, are a little more complex in nature. Put simply, there were five essential steps within the two-hour affair. You could say the high frequency Halo electron treatment, the first of the lot after a very thorough extraction session — during which I felt I had pores where I never thought I had pores — was most crucial. It's meant to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores (*raises hand*), reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes and fade dark eye circles. I didn't mind the light prickly sensation the device emanated; it's no ant bite for sure... think more along the lines of an acidic peel swab if you've walked that walk before.

Is D'Skin's Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment the best hydrating and anti-ageing facial in Singapore? (фото 2)

Lucky number 55

Later, an ultrasound machine was utilised to stimulate skin cells and aid the penetration of 55 (yes, 55) active ingredients — aka the good stuff, from retinol and hyaluronic acid to Vitamin C — into the dermis. Anyone who's sleep deprived, myself included, should look forward to the eye treatment. I felt comforted by the warm "suction" sensation from the device meant to improve microcirculation around the eye area. Finally, something more than just an eye cream. 

I was perfectly relaxed. That is, until the freezing cold collagen mask was unceremoniously applied on my face. This has to be done in the future with ample warning. Nobody enjoys jolting from their massage bed, shocked by the rude contrast in sensations. My therapist kindly apologised for the whammy, and assured me that it won't be for nothing, that my skin will be better off for the mask, deeply refrigerated apparently, is formulated to calm the skin and reduce redness. Time will tell. 

Is D'Skin's Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial Treatment the best hydrating and anti-ageing facial in Singapore? (фото 3)

The aftermath

Pure cool oxygen is then released for inhalation for 30 minutes; at the same time, my therapist worked another machine over the mask to prevent it from achieving room temperature. In other words, effort was put in to keep the freeze alive and well. *Brrrr* Upon removal of the mask, the oxygen procedure proceeded with a continuous serum spray for five minutes — vitamins, botanicals, anti-oxidants and amino peptides delivered on the plenty. Finally, a toner, serum, moisturiser (and 120 minutes later), I was good as new.

Frankly, I was a little afraid of what awaited me in the mirror. Squeezing, zapping, cool, warmth, cool again... the aftermath, by which I mean the condition of my skin could go any direction. I yearn to be right (but then again who doesn't) most of the time, though I'm happy to be proven wrong in this instance. Usually red and blotchy — a condition not unusual for my reactive skin — after any facial inclusive of extraction, I walked out of D'Skin clear and glowing, like I've been sleeping well, eaten even better and not worn makeup in weeks. Pores were visibly unclogged and shrunken, cheeks were bouncy. Post-acne irritation, a thing of the past.

It's not even a question if I'll return again. You know what, I'm just going to give D'Skin a call right now. Maybe a spot opened up this weekend.


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