How to protect your hair, skin, and nails from bearing the brunt of your anxiety

How to protect your hair, skin, and nails from bearing the brunt of your anxiety

Bundle of nerves

Text: Emily Heng

COVID-19 has taught us plenty about human nature. From altruistic acts to exploitative, uh, well exploits, we've witnessed just about everything in the span of two months. Including, it seems, our own destructive beauty habits. Never have we been more aware of our tendency to touch, pick, and maim our mien. There's also the matter of yanking our split-ends, chewing our nails, and peeling off our polish, of course.

How to protect your hair, skin, and nails from bearing the brunt of your anxiety (фото 1)

Feeling called out? Well, we're here to assure you that it's normal to be exhibiting more of these behaviours as of late. It's a stressful time, after all, and such actions are typical symptoms of anxiety. To curb them, we've provided a helpful list so you'll emerge looking better than before, post-coronavirus. See them all, below.

If you've been picking at the zits on your face... sport a hydrocolloid bandage.

You might know them as the humble pimple patch. Serving as an actual physical barrier to many a popping attempt, these babies come in enough variations to suit all skincare needs. K-Beauty brand, CosRx, makes them in a multitude of sizes depending on the affected area; ZitSticka's rendition comprises dissolving microneedles to help bring down swelling; while Squish provides fun, flower-shaped patches perfect for the 'gram.


If you're still touching your face constantly... engage in "competing behaviours".

In sum, that means redirecting your touch to another part of your body instead. Scratch your arm, drum your digits against your knee, or lace your fingers together whenever you catch them drifting towards your visage. Alternatively, you can attempt sitting on your hands, but that could be a potentially painful endeavour after several hours.


If you've been biting your nails... put on a pair of gloves.

This is a great idea especially considering the way COVID-19 spreads. We recommend latex versions that give you a nasty surprise should you subconsciously bring your digits to your mouth. Simple in execution while also being ridiculously effective? Check.


If you've been peeling off the remnants of your manicure... move your nail polish remover so it's in sight, always.

Having it in your line of sight as you work means you'll be aware that a better, safer option is available when it comes to nail polish removal. Failing that, maybe you'll be less inclined to pick upon learning this nugget of information: with each scrape, you're essentially removing superficial layers of skin cells, thus causing talons to become rough, uneven, and bumpy. Translation: yes, your nails can resemble airplane tarmac if you're not careful. Eep.


If you've been pulling your split-ends... shove on a shower cap.

Or any kind of hat, for that matter. Much like with a pimple patch, the idea is to implement a literal roadblock to these destructive behaviours. More often than not, doing so gives you time to reconsider your actions, and — hopefully — halt them.