How to get the beauty sleep you deserve: all to know about getting a restful snooze session so you look better than ever

How to get the beauty sleep you deserve: all to know about getting a restful snooze session so you look better than ever

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Text: Emily Heng

Who doesn't want more sleep? (Ok, maybe the hyper-competitive and Beyoncé.) Truth be told, we're living in a 24-hour society, and sleep deprivation is very real, thanks to: a) unfinished work-related business, b) other noble pursuits i.e. your commitment to a Netflix binge session, or c) straight up insomnia.


The latter, while tricky, is not entirely impossible to deal with. If you're getting tired of cracking designer eye bag jokes at your own expense, well, we're here to help. Below, an arsenal of trusty tips and tricks to try for a better night's sleep so you wake up looking better than ever — counting sheep not included.

1. Invest in a silk pillow or two
A cotton pillow case — while functional — does no favours for your skin, hair, or well-being. The smooth surface of a silk pillow makes it that much simpler to doze off, with the reduced friction (usually caused by hair and skin rubbing against a rough surface) preventing wrinkle formation as well as hair breakage. And on that note...

2.  ...spritz some pillow spray on your spankin' new pillow
It is exactly how it sounds like: a spray for your pillow formulated with ingredients that work to calm your mind and body. Apparently, lavender and chamomile are popular choices when it comes to reducing sleep-induced anxiety — with 97% of users reportedly experiencing a more restful sleep according to a study conducted by skincare brand, ThisWorks.


3. Massage a few drops of essential oil on your temples, neck, chest, and wrists
Certain essential oils are able to stimulate a relaxed state, such as vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood. They even provide relief for disrupted sleep, FYI, which means you'll experience less of those jerking-awake-in-cold-sweat scenarios (often accompanied with night terrors and a highlights reel of your most embarrassing moments.)

4. Keep your hair up
Not in a tight ponytail or a scraped-back ballerina bun, mind. Also avoid using elastics as it can leave weird indentations in your hair. Instead, opt for a scrunchie or scarf and put it up in a high, loose pony. The chances of you smothering yourself in your own hair is significantly reduced, as are the odds of a breakout with your hair's natural oils being kept away from your face.


5. Ditch your phone and laptop early in the night
Responsible for stimulating the hormones that keep you awake, it appears that HEV light does more than just age your skin — it also destroys any chance of a good snooze sesh', as well as your will to live in the morning. Ugh. Make like cabin crew and stow all electronics away at least two hours before going to bed.

Below, our list of recommended products to mark your initiation into the better sleep squad. Don't let the bed bugs bite.