How to get rid of sore muscles fast: 5 wellness hacks to help ease body aches and pains

How to get rid of sore muscles fast: 5 wellness hacks to help ease body aches and pains

No pain, no gain

Text: Emily Heng

If there's anything that serves as a living testament to your hard work at the gym, it's the feeling of sore, achy muscles after. Yes, that's your body's way of saying you've pushed yourself to the limit — and in return, you get more pain. How fun! Honestly, we'd be way more thrilled about meeting our #fitnessgoals if it didn't result in agonising stiffness and twinges for days on end, but such is life. Sure, we'd whine about it, but as take-action folks inclined to solve all encountered adversities, we've opted, instead, to look into fast-acting, muscle-ache remedies for your perusal. Let's get to it, shall we?

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Numerous scientific sources and health professionals have found that foodstuffs with anti-inflammatory properties go a long way in promoting muscle relief. Research journal, ACS Publications, for instance, discovered during a study in 2013 that watermelon is rich in an amino acid called L-Citruline that works to reduce body soreness and pain. Beyond fruit, you can also try:

  • Mushrooms
  • Cherry juice
  • Ginger
  • Eggs
  • Turmeric


Pop an antioxidant supplement

Speed up recovery with formidable antioxidants. You can opt for dietary options, but for the busy bees constantly on-the-go, try supplements. The European Journal of Applied Physiology claims that fish oil capsules, omega-3 fatty acids, and curcumin could do the trick.


Foam roll it all out

Not to be mistaken for a pool noodle, foam rollers are essentially exercise equipment designed to help release muscle tightness and trigger points. Simply place it on the floor underneath the sore area, then proceed to slowly roll your body over it. There are tutorials aplenty dedicated to specific muscle groups, so scour the Internet if you're looking for a more targeted fix.


Take a hot Epsom salt bath

Movie training montages might have you thinking that an ice bath will have you back in fighting, but it seems the opposite is more effective in getting you in tip-top condition. Score yourself some muscle-relaxing Epsom salts and sprinkle it in the water before soaking yourself for 20 to 30 minutes to see optimal results.


And if all else fails... get a massage

It's not an indulgence when you're in crippling pain, okay? Lest someone accuse you of using this as an excuse to get some R&R, quote Frontiers in Physiology, a medical journal that details how massages are one of the most effective methods in alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness. The results of a study in 2017 even found that you'll experience close-to instant relief if you're rubbed down 48 hours after exercise. Take that, haters.