How to get rid of bloat and indigestion after a binge: Remedies, pointers, and practical advice of note

How to get rid of bloat and indigestion after a binge: Remedies, pointers, and practical advice of note

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Text: Emily Heng

Avid readers would know that we at Buro. Singapore are all about that workout life. We barely break a sweat at the barre; live in sports leggings; and hit up ClassPass daily to fight tooth and nail for classes. Exercise is a no-sweat venture for us fitness fiends — except unless you're talking about exercising restraint, of course. A different ball game altogether, it's one we fail in especially when faced with a delectable mound of treats and goodies.

You read that right: we (much like you mere mortals) are all-too-familiar with the process. It begins with scarfing down copious amounts of pies and tarts, and ends with slipping into sweatpants with a some resignation. If we can even get the elastic to fit over our bellies, that is. In light of this, we aim to break the pattern in 2020. While cutting down on instances of overindulging is going to require time, patience, and more willpower than ever, we can, instead, begin by figuring out ways to eradicate that blasted bloat. From herbal remedies to practical tips, here's everything you need to do to bounce back.

Ditch the sweets and stop gabbing

Sucking on that post-dinner mint might freshen your breath, but it can also leave you gulping down lots of air, hence resulting in retained gas in your gut. And yup, this applies for excessive talking, too. Silver lining: you have a handy excuse on hand the next time your relatives commence their invasive small talk.

Gulp down some H2O

While drinking water might sound counterintuitive considering your inflated abdomen, it actually does more good than you'd think. This is because water facilitates digestion and supports a healthy metabolism, aiding in flushing out excess salt left over in your system responsible for your ballooned state. Drink a large glass — slowly — after your binge of shame, and two more before going to bed to see optimal results. Failing that, you can opt to...


Drink herbal tea

Chamomile, chicory, and green tea are recognised for their ability to promote the movement of food through the digestive tract. Brew yourself a steaming hot cup and sip at it to relieve feelings of nausea as well.


Give probiotics a go

If the first food or drink that comes to mind upon hearing the word 'probiotics' is Yakult, you're on the right track. As it turns out, the bacteria found in such fermented finds help promote good digestion, reducing swelling, bloat, and all manner of stomach discomfort easily. Yoghurt drinks aside, you can also try kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi.


Apply essential oils to areas of bloating

And we don't mean the feng you your mother was so fond of slathering you in during your childhood days. We're talking powerful oils that do everything from combat inflammation to aid digestion. Top Chef host and essential oils guru, Padma Lakshmi, swears by this detoxing blend. Begin with about 120ml of jojoba oil as a base, then mix in 40 drops of juniper oil, 30 drops of grapefruit oil, 20 drops of black pepper oil, and 20 drops of geranium oil. Once that's done, apply the elixir in long, firm strokes down your limbs, stomach, and any other areas you're experiencing bloating. You should see effects in a matter of hours.

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