How to be zen in 2020: Calming beauty products and treatments to try, from anti-stress balms to relaxing massages

How to be zen in 2020: Calming beauty products and treatments to try, from anti-stress balms to relaxing massages

Keep calm and carry on

Text: Emily Heng

Time management might be one of our strengths, but that's not to say we're entirely exempt  from stressful situations. Try as we might, everything from a crowded commute to an important work presentation can get us grinding our molars, leaving us tense for an indeterminable period that can range from hours (sigh) to months (S.O.S). And while there's no conceivable way to eradicate all forms of stressors, we can manage how we feel about our circumstances — through the best stress-relieving beauty products and treatments out there, of course. Enlightenment begins here, folks.

If you can spare five minutes, try... the Thann Time To Refresh Moisturising Aromatherapy Balm

The next time you feel tension building at your pressure points, knead this therapeutic salve onto your wrists, temples, earlobes, and neck to regain a sense of calm. Soothing herbal extracts such as lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus are known to promote a better sense of well-being, slowly steadying erratic pulses all while nourishing the skin.


If you can spare fifteen minutes, try... the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief Candle

It's no secret that scent is a powerful thing — a whiff of certain essential oils can reduce feelings of anxiety and anger. For the twitchy and tense, try flooding a safe space with a calmative fragrance to kick destructive thoughts to the curb. This one by Bath & Body Works is formulated with a high concentration of cooling eucalyptus and mint, which relieve mental exhaustion by boosting blood circulation to the brain.


If you can spare half an hour, try... the Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller

There's more to this bad boy than just smoothing away wrinkles, mind. As it turns out, the use of rose quartz helps align your body's chakra and ease tightness around areas such as your jaw and temples. The repetitive motion of rolling along the contours of your visage works to quieten pervasive thoughts as well, causing a relaxed, tranquil state.


If you can spare an hour, try.... the Chi, The Spa Signature Asian Blend Massage

A massage can banish the aftereffects of jet lag, insomnia, and stress — provided you're in the right hands, that is. The experienced therapists at Chi, The Spa are a safe bet. The spa's signature Asian Blend treatment boasts acclaimed techniques such as Thai Pressure Points and Chinese Energy Flow to restore balance and clarity to your entire form.


If you can spare two hours, try... the Palm Ave Float Club

Should all else fail, seal yourself into an insulating pod that removes all distraction. Literally. Coined Floatation Therapy, this new-age treatment has customers floating in a quiet, isolated tank for hours, with bountiful benefits ranging from renewed mental clarity to instantaneous stress relief thanks to the reduced sensory input and Epsom salts.