Fat freezing for the first time at Wellaholic with an all-rounded weight management program

Fat freezing for the first time at Wellaholic with an all-rounded weight management program

Trim it down

Text: Janice Sim

Despite what the headline of this story might allude to, I stand by exercise as the best and healthiest way to shed fat, lose weight, and aid in mental wellbeing. No matter how hopeless you are as a runner or how little your core tolerance adds up to be, there's always some form of exercise that's attainable for anyone. Even the littlest of efforts like taking slow walks in the park or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator count in every way.

But like many out there, I was curious to test out this system of slimming sessions, which has been in the beauty and wellness business since weight management clinics started sprouting up. And despite the many health fads and diets that have came and went, the solution has endured many decades. And it's a temporary fix in my humble opinion; like many aesthetic treatments out there, the results aren't permanent. Which is why technology like fat freezing and lipo lasering are only one of the many requisites to losing weight.

Wellaholic's latest weight management vertical is something new to the aesthetic brand, in a place that they've dubbed the Slimming Lab. What's worth noting is that prices are all transparent (and pretty manageable) — meaning, no sketchy consultation-determined fees to throw you off after the treatment has already been done. Here, plans are made according to each individual's needs and fat loss objectives. There's more than one fat reduction treatment to opt for, and apart from that, there will be active tracking following the treatment, meal plans, and diet supplements to go hand in hand with the procedures.


Before we got started, I had an analysis of my current body weight, lean body mass, subcutaneous and visceral fat. I was also clear on the areas I wanted to focus on — mainly the tummy as well as upper thighs. At the Slimming Lab, there's a lot more than just fat freezing. For instance: the clinic makes use of other equipment and industry-leading technologies like ultrasound cavitation and deep tissue heating to rid your body of fat cells.

Fat freezing

The process

I went headfirst for a six-step plan: encompassing of four different treatments as well as a meal and supplement plan after. The first, WellaFreeze 360 where the applicators utilises sub-zero temperatures to safely freeze and eliminate fat. Fat cells are first crystallised then disposed off naturally during a span of 6-12 weeks. This process was pretty painful at the start, with a tight nipping sensation coursing through your skin. Next, Ultrasonic Cavi 360. Like what its name suggests, ultrasound is the miracle worker here, used to break apart fat cells and dislodging them from our dermal layers. Then it was time for sculpting, in what they call advanced Radio Frequency energy for deep-tissue heating to burn off stubborn fat. This thermal energy is apparently clever enough to only detect fat cells, and not other cells in your body. Last but finally not least, a low level cold laser — to induce fat cells to release their fat contents via the lymphatic system. Gradually, these will be processed by the acid in the gut and removed naturally from the body via urine.

Fat freezing

The follow-up

All that took close to four hours, with some mild discomfort along the way. But nothing could come close to the diet supplements that were given after. Meal replacements won't be an issue as they taste very much like soy oats. But if you're able to withstand the nausea that comes after consuming these tablets, there's the odd feeling of never feeling hungry or missing a craving for food. That was the last stretch where I just couldn't get past. But I can only imagine those who did could make good headway on the food urges. After all, diet plays a huge role when it comes to losing weight.

The results

There were significant mild observations I noticed about my body. Coupled with my own workout regime, my problem areas did look slightly thinner as well a little more sculpted, shaving off the excess flab. Of course, I do credit all that, to the constant active energy that my body has been working off, while better supplemented by the treatments at Wellaholic. Just think of slimming treatments as an accelerator to your weight loss journey, and you'll be on the right track.

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