Everything you need to know about getting invisible braces in Singapore: How much it costs, its effects, and more

Everything you need to know about getting invisible braces in Singapore: How much it costs, its effects, and more

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Text: Jean Chua

Editor: Emily Heng

As unfair as it is, not all of us are naturally blessed with a set of perfect straight teeth. And while metal braces are a good option as any, they can serve as an hindrance to those with sensitive gums and/or anyone who has a heightened sense of vanity (aka us). So, what's a gal gotta do to get that killer smile? Enter: invisible braces; the latest tech from companies such as Invisalign and Zenyum.

Essentially, think of them as clear, retainer-resembling molds designed to straighten your misaligned teeth whilst being quite literally unnoticeable — yes, it'll look as if your pearly whites shifted around on its own, like magic. There are, however, a lot of considerations to take into account before taking the plunge. For those new to this, we recommend you give this piece a read before making any impulse purchases. Feast your eyes on the dirt we've dug up, below.

1. Not everyone is suited to wear invisible braces

Everyone faces different issues with their chompers, which hence makes it imperative that you make a trip to the dentist, first. Not only will they be able to accurately evaluate if clear braces are your best option, they'll also be able to deduce the length of your treatment; the final result; and the cost incurred Hey, when in doubt, always seek a professional's advice, right?

2. That being said, invisible variants are way more comfortable than conventional braces

Most complaints to do with conventional metal or ceramic braces concerns its wire and bracket system, which can poke into the gums or get fitted too tightly. This, hence, causes a massive amount of discomfort to the teeth and jaw.  Thankfully, most invisible and clear braces are made of plastic so as to cause minimal discomfort. Side note: since won't be constantly faced with the problems such as dislodging wires, you won't have to keep scheduling impromptu and/or constant visits to the dentist too.

3. They are, however, significantly more expensive than normal braces

Be prepared to fork out an amount ranging from $7,000 — $9,500 in Singapore, depending on the severity of your misalignment. It should be noted that there are, however, more affordable brands in the market right now such as Zenyum, who offers invisible braces beginning from $2,400.

4. With invisible braces, it is necessary for you to change your dietary habits

Surprise, we bet you didn't see this coming. Beyond having to exercise discipline where you'll be required to brush your teeth straight after meals and clamp them on once more, users are also encouraged to cut  fizzy and sugary drinks out of your diet as the accumulation of the liquids in your aligners can cause decay. Drinking hot liquids with your aligners on? A big no-no, too. Essentially, you're required to be vigilant and dedicated when it comes to wearing your new braces. Think of 'em as retainers: if you refuse to wear them, no progress would be made. Eep.

5. You'll need to wear your aligners daily for up to 20-22 hours

As we've mentioned, gorgeous teeth doesn't just happen overnight. And certainly not without effort. Invisible braces is a full-time commitment and requires an inordinate amount of determination to fully see the process through. The only time you should be removing your aligners is when you're brushing your teeth or eating.

6. You'll also have to be more conscientious about your oral health

Wearing your aligners over unclean teeth could trap food particles against your teeth, causing unsightly plague that would undermine your ideal pearly whites. As such, you will need to floss and brush your teeth regularly after meals to get rid of the bacteria first before putting your aligners back on. We'd advise investing in a portable toothbrush and toothpaste kit.