Everyday kitchen ingredients that double as beauty products: Natural hair oils, exfoliants, etc

Everyday kitchen ingredients that double as beauty products: Natural hair oils, exfoliants, etc

Au naturel

Text: Emily Heng

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps that's what is going through your mind as you peruse this article, or perhaps you're simply embarking on an all-natural, organic movement. There's also the possibility this is a temporary measure as you await your Sephora order to arrive. Either way, we are here to provide assistance when it comes to ditching your shiny, shellacked solutions in lieu of typical kitchen ingredients. From baking soda to the highly contentious apple cider vinegar, here's what to add to your supermarket cart to bolster your beauty game.

Coconut oil

Experience has taught us that this saturated fatty acid is the MVP in both your kitchen and vanity. You can use it to whip up soup, tarts, or even granola, and to moisturise your skin as well as remove your makeup. That's not all: some people use it as a highlighter or shaving cream — oh, and did we mention that it's a great body cream, too? The possibilities are endless with this multi-functional powerhouse. I, beauty writer Emily Heng, apply it to the ends of my hair to treat split ends and bleached-brittle locks.


Apple cider vinegar

There have been countless debates on the actual purpose of apple cider vinegar in the beauty sphere –– all of which dates back to when organic products first hit the market. Nevertheless, we'll be remiss not to include it considering the number of glowing testimonials we've seen on the Internet as well as reviews from our peers. It's most notably used for those suffering from acne flare-ups, where its antibacterial properties help soften, exfoliate, and calm skin inflammation.


Baking soda

Since we're talking about products with great antibacterial properties, we'd like to point out that baking soda runs a close second on that front. Slather a small helping on your armpits to banish bacteria all while suppressing lingering stenches, or mix it with warm water and use it to wash your face. Apparently, it works great as toothpaste too, especially if you have sensitive gums.


Cucumber slices

Ah, something the movies finally got right. Should your bank account not allow for pricey eye creams and massage devices, apply this soothing astringent lotion to puffy peepers to bring swelling down. Bonus: it also makes for a cute selfie and serves as a (healthy) snack. What more can we ask for?



While there are a multitude of blackhead busting options out there, there are still plenty of folk who swear by the good ol' lemon. Or lemon juice, to be exact. This is credited to its antibacterial properties alongside its high magnesium content. Reports claim that all you need to do is squeeze a few drops onto your honker, and you'll be able to observe those bumps disappear over the course of the next few days. We prefer mixing it up with sugar to craft up an exfoliating scrub, but hey, if that works too...