Burning your candles the right way

Burning your candles the right way

Burn, baby, burn

Text: Renée Batchelor

It may sound almost silly, but there's a right (and wrong) way to burn your candles. Here's what you should be doing

If, like us, luxury candles are an indulgence you appreciate, you should take the time to learn how to maximise them. Brands like Diptyque, Cire Trudon and Le Labo make beautiful candles that envelop your home in a delicate, yet discernible scent, but let's face it, they can be pretty costly. Burning a  candle is not as easy as simply lighting it and leaving it. The way you burn and extinguish a candle, will affect its longevity and how evenly the candle burns. We found out more candle burning tips from Cire Trudon's, Elodie Herreria, the commercial director of the brand


1. You have to burn a candle for at least two to three hours
When you light a candle, you should not extinguish it until the entire surface is liquid. This is to ensure that there is an even burn — so you can contine using your candle for as long as possible. When you have holes in your candle, it is usually because you have not burned it for a sufficent period.


2. Invest in long matches
While they are not easy to find, long matches are great for lighting larger candles, especially when they have burned all the way to the bottom.


3. A candle douter prevents messy spills
While it may seem slightly precious and antiquated, a candle douter or extinguisher is great for snuffing out a flame without causing spillage (or even hot wax on the wall... it's happened to us) when you physically blow out the candles.


4. Choose the candle size according to the size of your space
A normal sized candle is good for a room of about 25 square metres in size. The tiny ones are made for small spaces like your bathroom. And if you're lucky enough to live in a mansion, you can splurge on those huge candles that are designed to cover larger spaces. In fact, Cire Trudon makes three kg candles that people pick up to scent larger châteaus and houses.


Here are some celebrity favourite candles: