Best self-care tips to practice in self-isolation: Meditation, beauty podcasts, and skincare saviours to try

Best self-care tips to practice in self-isolation: Meditation, beauty podcasts, and skincare saviours to try

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Are you reading this from the sanctity of your home? Bearing in mind our current situation, it's likely the answer is a resounding yes. In a bid to curb rising transmission rates, the government has clamped down on a multitude of socialising opportunities. Bars and entertainment venues are closed; gatherings are limited to 10 people; while all religious services and congregations have been suspended. It's a sound effort as any, and one that we intend to uphold by staying home whenever possible.

You see, in times like these, social responsibility is key — feelings of stir-craziness be damned. Of course, there are measures to take should you the cabin fever begin setting in. For us beauty buffs, we'll be focusing our efforts on a tried-and-true practice known to alleviate anxiety: our self-care routine. Whether you're soothed by the normalcy of a regular skincare routine or lulled by the smells and sensations of a steaming hot bubble bath, we've got the lowdown on the best self-care tips to try in these, well, trying times. We detail it all, below.

Download a meditation app

I, Buro. Singapore's beauty writer, Emily Heng, might not be a fan, but that's not to say you should call it a wash just yet. Equipped with a multitude of mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques to try, studies show that they help reduce stress and anxiety, promote a better sleep, and allow for better management of emotions. You can even tweak the duration of each session, so you'll be able to check out and check back in again whenever you'd like. The Mindfulness App, Headspace, and Sattiva are popular options and have garnered rave reviews on both the Apple and Google Play Store.


Listen to beauty podcasts

A newbie to the auditory scene? Well, here's a warm welcome to the big, wide world of podcasts. From dermatologist advice to toxic beauty standards, you're bound to find one that tickles your fancy and serves as a quality — heck, even educational — distraction from all dire happenings. Our personal favourites include Beyond Beauty With Bobbi Brown (yes, that Bobbi Brown), which examines stigmas, standards, and success stories within the beauty sphere, as well as The Beauty Brains, which has top cosmetic chemists debunking common myths.


Master new makeup styles

Take a leaf from Kaia Gerber's book and get to experimenting. Seriously, that spankin' new eyeshadow palette you haven't gotten around to trying is calling your name. And if you're in need of inspiration, we got ya covered with our comprehensive coverage of the latest runway and celebrity makeup looks.


Luxuriate in oils

We're talking oils of the face, hair, and shower variety. There's something undeniably decadent about this thick, viscous liquid, so make sure your skin really soaks it up by indulging in bubble baths, pampering sessions, and the like.


Hang out with Buro. Singapore

Digitally, of course. Come 27 March, we'll be streaming workout sessions, stand-up comedy shows, guided meditation, and "live" gigs all-day. Get 'em deets here.


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